Going virtual with All Day DevOps

Emily Kyle ·
Oct 16, 2018 · 1 min read

In my role, I am very fortunate to get the opportunity to attend many events throughout the year. Every conference is another opportunity to learn from thought leaders and others in the industry. The real value in these events is the knowledge share that takes place, yet I find myself frustrated every time. I try to be a sponge absorbing all the information to share all the learnings with my team, but inevitably things get lost as more time passes and we all get back to our day-to-day.

Luckily, All Day DevOps is different. It’s the largest DevOps conference of the year, and it’s 100% free and virtual. Anyone, from anywhere around the world, can register and tune in for 24 hours on October 17. In fact, about 200 people from our company have already registered. As a fully remote company, fully virtual events are particularly important to our team as they level the information playing field and allow everyone on our team in all 40 countries to participate and gain value.

Those attending will be able to listen in on over 100 sessions from some of the industry’s brightest minds, and then ask them anything in Q&As on Slack. The other nice thing: zero vendor pitches are allowed – a mainstay of the All Day DevOps community.

This year’s conference will feature 5 tracks this year: CI/CD, DevSecOps, Cloud Native Infrastructure, SRE, and Cultural Transformations.

Speaker highlights include talks by:

After you register yourself, encourage your entire department to register. After all, DevOps done right is a team sport.

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