Group conversations are my favorite remote meetings at GitLab because they are a great way to get an inside peek at what different teams are doing, how they collaborate, and what features you might find in future GitLab releases. You may already know that we have been livestreaming these on GitLab Unfiltered for anyone curious about how GitLab operates.

Lately, when I have time to listen to these unfiltered discussions I am either not at a screen or not in a place where it is easy to watch a video. After seeing how Support turned their weekly meeting into a podcast, I thought it would be nice to make the GitLab group conversation meetings into a podcast as well!

Subscribe to the GitLab Group Conversations podcast

Now in addition to the livestreams and videos, there is a podcast feed for GitLab group conversations. Listen to these conversations on your favorite podcast player by accessing the feed on the Group Conversations podcast page.

If you like the format, please let us know by tweeting us @GitLab and we will consider adding more!

Here is a bit more detail about how these podcasts are generated

Podcast pipelines

I hope you have the opportunity to tune into the group conversations at GitLab and also take advantage of GitLab CI features like schedules to help automate your own workflows!

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

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