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Jan 21, 2020 · 5 min read
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GitLab has had support for Windows CI/CD Runners for quite a long time, but if you were doing Windows development, you needed to install and manage these Runners yourself. This works great for customers who prefer to manage their own Runners, but for customers who prefer to use shared Runners managed by the GitLab team, the choice has been limited to Linux.

Today, we are happy to announce that Windows Shared Runners hosted by GitLab is available in beta. As we are starting to roll out this important service to our community, we invite you to help shape the direction of CI/CD tooling for the Windows ecosystem on

What's new?

Now, you can take advantage of a fully-managed, auto-scaling, and secure environment for running your build jobs on Windows virtual machines (VMs). These GitLab-hosted Windows Shared Runners are pre-configured with various software packages such as the Chocolately package manager for Windows, Visual Studio 2019 Build Tools, Microsoft .Net Framework, to name a few. So you have a base set of tooling to start building your Windows applications without needing to set up and install your own self-hosted Windows Runners. You can find a full list of available Windows packages in the package documentation.

With the Windows Shared Runners on, each job runs in a new virtual machine instance that gets deleted after the job is complete, ensuring that your code is 100% isolated and secure. We also take care of maintenance and upgrades to the pre-configured software packages, so you don't have to. Just like with Linux Runners, there’s no requirement to use Shared Runners. If your build tooling configuration or security requirements demand it, you can, as always, install and self-host Windows Runners on your infrastructure.

Technology Overview

The following details a few key specifications for the Windows Shared Runners:


To begin with, Windows Shared Runner pricing will be the same as Linux Runners. Usage for Windows Runners will be deducted from your Runner minute pool depending on your plan. You can optionally purchase additional runner minutes that will be used for both Linux and Windows shared runners.

In the future, Windows Shared Runners will likely use separate pricing that is higher than Linux Minutes. Any future pricing changes will be announced on the GitLab blog.

Getting started

To get started, create a .gitlab-ci.yml file in your GitLab hosted project's root directory and add the following tags: shared-windows, windows, and windows-1809 as shown in the example configuration file.

  - shared-windows
  - windows
  - windows-1809

  - build
  - test

 - Set-Variable -Name "time" -Value (date -Format "%H:%m")
 - echo ${time}
 - echo "started by ${GITLAB_USER_NAME}"

  - .shared_windows_runners
  stage: build
  - echo "running scripts in the build job"

  - .shared_windows_runners
  stage: test
  - echo "running scripts in the test job"

Including the .gitlab-ci.yml file in the project repository means that any new commits will trigger the execution of your GitLab CI/CD pipeline. In this file, you have the option of specifying tags so that a job will only run on GitLab Runners that match the tag specified. For more information on the use of tags, refer to the tags section of the GitLab CI/CD Pipeline Configuration Reference documentation. The Shared Runners section of the settings documentation page covers more configuration information for the Windows Shared Runners.

Notable limitations and known issues

The hosting of Windows Shared Runners is a new service on This section covers any limitations or known issues that users of the beta should take into consideration when using this service.

Next steps

We plan to continue to iterate quickly and improve the build environment, Runner, and tooling during the beta period. We invite you to complete this short form because your feedback is critical to helping us prioritize work on the most valuable improvements to the Windows Shared Runners solution.

To report a bug or request a feature or enhancement, follow these steps:

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“Windows Shared Runners Beta now available on” – Darren Eastman

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