GitLab Support

The GitLab support team is here to help. By providing a list of named support contacts your team can quickly collaborate with GitLab Support on any issues you encounter. To keep sensitive ticket data within your span of control: if a ticket is submitted by someone not on your list, the ticket will be rejected and directed to this page.

Getting Set Up

Once your license or subscription is provisioned, submit an initial ticket with a list of contacts who are allowed to contact Support. This can be done via Support Portal Related Matters Form (this link pre-fills out the appropriate problem type for you).

Proving your Support Entitlement

Depending on how you purchased GitLab, GitLab Support may not automatically detect your support entitlement on the creation of your first support ticket. If that's the case, your ticket might get a rejection message and direct you to this page.

If you are speaking to our Support Operations team, you might be asked to prove your entitlement using the information below.

For Users

To ensure that we can match you with your subscription when opening a support ticket, please:

  • include your username; AND
  • use the primary email address associated with your account; AND
  • reference a path within a group (that you are a member of or attempting to join), which has a valid subscription associated with it (such as a link to a problematic pipeline or MR)

For Self-managed Users

To ensure that we can match you with your Self-managed license when opening a support ticket, please:

  1. use a company provided email address (no generic email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.); AND

  2. provide GitLab with one of the following:

    1. A screenshot of the license page
      • versions older than 14.1 see /admin/license
      • versions 14.1 or newer see /admin/subscription
    2. The output of the command sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:license:info
    3. The license ID displayed on the /admin/license page (GitLab 13.2+)

For US Government Support Users

For security purposes all customers of US Government support must be provisioned in the portal as support contacts via their account team. Please reach out to your sales and/or Customer Success contacts with a list of users to add along with their full names and email addresses.

Managing contacts

We currently offer two methods to manage your support contacts:

  1. Via ticket
    • Done by submitting a Support Ops ticket
    • This has a limit of 30 maximum contacts under your organization.
  2. Via a contact management project
    • You and your team can manage support contacts via a YAML file in a special project on See Contact management projects for more information.
    • This has a limit of 50 maximum contacts under your organization.

Note: US Government Support customers should refer to the "Getting Set Up" documentation to add contacts.

Maximum number of support contacts

Should a request to add more or setup a shared organization arise when at the limit (or when the request would put you over the limit), the Support Operations team will discuss this with you to find a resolution.

Using an email alias or distribution group as a support contact

Some organizations prefer to use a generic email address like an alias or distribution group for one of their registered support contacts. This will work, but for the smoothest experience consider the following:

  1. Set a login password for this support user and share it within your team.
  2. When you raise a ticket, always log in: this will allow you to add CCs to any tickets you raise.
  3. CC any email addresses that may be involved in the resolution of the ticket: this will allow other individuals in the organization to reply to the ticket via email.

Authorized contacts

For organizations that require additional security, you can specify a set of authorized contacts who can make changes.

  1. Submit a Support ticket using the Support portal related matters form and select Other requests in the Problem type field.

We will add an internal note detailing who is allowed to make changes to the contacts in your organization.

Contact management projects

Contact management projects are a project on that allows you and your team to add and remove support contacts more quickly than through tickets.

At your request, our Support Operations team creates a collaboration project that is only accessible by the GitLab team and individuals you specify as allowed to manage the contacts.yaml file. When a commit is made, a webhook is triggered that then uses the project's contacts.yaml file to sync the first 50 contacts within the file to the customer's organization in the support portal.

You can tell if the sync is in a good state or not by looking at the project badge for your contact management project. It will detail if the sync has been successful or has encountered issues. If you do see it has encountered issues, please feel free to reach out to the Support Operations team via this link.

If you would like to speak to our Support Operations team about setting one of these up for you, please reach out via this link. Please note if you are using a subscription, the requester of the contact management project must be an Owner on the parent group that is using the subscription.

Note This does not apply to US Government customers whose contact handling happens in a system tailored to US Government requirements.

Note The maximum number of developers that can be invited to manage the project's files is 5.

Note These are only available to larger subscriptions with a minimum of 50 seats purchased.

Shared Organizations

In some cases, certain organizations want all members of their organization to be able to see all of the support tickets that have been logged. In other cases, a particular user from the account would like to be able to see and respond to all tickets from their organization. If you'd like to enable this, please:

Global Support Shared Organization Setup

  1. Submit a Support ticket using the Global Support portal related matters form and select Shared organization requests in the Problem type field.

US Government Support Shared Organization Setup

  1. Submit a Support ticket in the US Government Support portal's requests for shared organization setup form and fill in what type of sharing you would like setup. Kindly note that if you wish to enable shared organizations in both portals you must submit a separate request using the Global Support portal form.

Special Handling Notes

If there's a special set of handling instructions you'd like included in your Organizations notes, we'll do our best to comply. Not all requests can be accommodated, but if there is something we can do to make your support experience better we want to know.

  1. Submit a Support ticket using the Support portal related matters form and select Other Requests in the Problem type field.