Blog Company GitLab announces $4M series A funding from Khosla Ventures
Published on September 17, 2015
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GitLab announces $4M series A funding from Khosla Ventures

Today we are proud to announce our $4 million Series A funding from Khosla Ventures.


Today we are proud to announce our $4 million Series A funding from Khosla Ventures. This follows our seed round in July.

GitLab will leverage the new funding to accelerate growth and scale its global operations including development, marketing, and sales. Additionally, GitLab announced the upcoming release of GitLab 8.0, which is scheduled for release on September 22. GitLab 8.0 will include 50 percent less disk usage, faster merging, Continuous Integration (CI) built into GitLab itself, improved interface and navigation, and "Reply by email" functionality that allows users to quickly comment on an issue or merge request from their mobile devices.

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More than 100,000 companies and organizations currently use GitLab on-premises including NASA, CERN, Alibaba, SpaceX, O’Reilly, IBM, and Expedia. These organizations and many individual contributors hack on, contribute to, and help GitLab become better every single day.

It is our goal to become the default solution for anyone building software and working together. The excitement and passion of our community has convinced us that open-source is the way forward. We want to accelerate our growth and expand operations so we can reach more people and build an even better GitLab.

GitLab, an Open-Source Company

Our three product offerings — a free, open source Community Edition, a free SaaS version, and our Enterprise version – provide accessibility, full transparency, and stand as a serious challenger to other Git platforms. GitLab features include:

  • Zero-touch installation and upgrades
  • GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Code, Gitorious importers
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SAML and Kerberos authentication
  • Merge request approvers
  • Audit logging


With this new round of funding, we hope to provide more features, support, and expand to more companies and organizations as the most popular and most trusted open source code collaboration platform.

After our Y Combinator experience and successful seed round funding, we knew we wanted to go above and beyond what we had done so far and make GitLab bigger and better for everyone, which is why we are working with some amazing investors.

Vinod Khosla, founder and partner of Khosla Ventures said this about us:

“Investing in GitLab was an obvious choice. Open source solutions are the future, and GitLab is leading the way as the most popular open source code collaboration platform on the market.”

“GitLab’s reach in over 100K organizations validates that there is a very large market demand for a more open solution that enables engineers to create, review, collaborate, and accelerate the iterative process by deploying code that brings products to market faster.”

We're all very excited with this opportunity our investors have given us. It means we can accelerate growth and scale our US operations, which includes the recent opening of a new Experience Center in San Francisco (don't worry, we're still remote!).

Sytse "Sid" Sijbrandij, our CEO said:

“GitLab differentiates itself from other collaborative Git platforms because we are open source - and always have been. Open source helps users to reach their goals faster with the transparency and control they expect from their tools.”

“Our users choose GitLab because they can run it on their own servers, the source code is open and adaptable, and organizations can build on top of GitLab. We also have a loyal, vocal community of more than 800 contributors whose constant improvements help us roll out new features faster than anyone else on the market.”


Thank you for believing in us

We'd like to thank our amazing community that has contributed major features, bug fixes, documentation updates and more than we can ever return. We owe GitLab's existence to your enthusiasm, drive, and hard work. Without our contributors' belief in open source software, GitLab would be nowhere near where it is today.

Thank you to our team that has been working hard every single day and feels more like a highly distributed, international family than a company. We especially thank the core team members that are not paid by GitLab Inc: Robert Schilling, Hannes Rosenögger, Achilleas Pipinellis, Stan Hu, James Newton and Jeroen van Baarsen.

Want to help GitLab grow? We're looking for people to work with us!

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