Turn-Key GitLab Enterprise Kubernetes clusters, backup, trusted charts — all in less than 10 minutes

Matt Baldwin ·
Jul 10, 2017 · 1 min read

Stackpoint.io is excited to announce we’ve worked with GitLab to enable an end-to-end turn-key solution that will help developers move even faster from idea to production.

Stackpoint.io advances the mandate of allowing developers to continue to focus on building product, leaving configuring the tooling to GitLab and Stackpoint.io. With this release, together, users can manage and collaborate on their clusters and ensure Gitlab EE is operating correctly — all in a turn-key, developer-friendly way.

Our Kubernetes cloud management platform now allows you to:

StackPoint integration with GitLab

Our GitLab integration not only allows you to run a self-healing deployment of GitLab EE on Kubernetes, but we’ve also integrated Docker Registry automatically, if you’re running on AWS we set up ELB for you and secure it all with Let’s Encrypt.

Get started

  1. Get a new GitLab EE Kubernetes cluster up, running, and configured for production within 10 minutes.

  2. Deploy your first app to Kubernetes using GitLab.

  3. Schedule your protection of your cluster.

Give it a shot now.

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