Today we're celebrating GitLab Fan and the great work they do to evangelize GitLab 🎉 Read on to learn more about the mysterious figure behind the Fan, and take a look around our site and see if you can spot any of their illustrations. Also, don't forget to visit us on Twitter to take part in our giveaway – you could get your hands on some awesome, custom GitLab Fan swag.

At GitLab we're passionate about building a platform where everyone can contribute, and GitLab Fan is a great example of the work our community does, from creating custom stickers for Telegram and Slack to sharing tutorials and takeaways from our culture.

While GF's identity remains a mystery (Honest! If they're a GitLab team-member, they're undercover 🕵️), we did get a chance to ask them some questions:

What inspired you to launch

I used to work with GitLab a lot and I liked it, so I had a lot of thoughts I wanted to share with people.

Do you use GitLab for work or personal projects (or both)?

Mostly personal projects these days.

What kind of work do you do?

I teach junior developers. By the way, I've started to work on a course about GitLab CI ;)

Do you work for GitLab? (We have to ask!)

No, I don't :)

Have you ever thought about applying to work for GitLab?

Yup, I actually did that. But it was not a very serious intention, I did that for fun. Twice :)

If you could change or improve anything about GitLab, what would it be and why?

I would love to see a built-in chat solution, in the same way that GitLab has built-in CI. That will save some time when you set up a new project, and I am also sure there would be some nice synergistic effects.

Thanks, GitLab Fan, for everything you do.

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