Join the GitLab Ultimate Early Adopter program by June 30

Erica Lindberg ·
May 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Fast feedback is key to continuously delivering great software. We are looking for innovators to take part in our Early Adopter program and help us understand how we can make GitLab Ultimate the best experience imaginable.

Bringing together strategy, execution, security, and speed, Ultimate is the most comprehensive GitLab experience. We shipped GitLab Ultimate last November and have been working hard to rapidly improve it. With Agile planning features such as Epics and Roadmap, and automated security features like Static Application Security Testing, Dependency Scanning, and Container Scanning, Ultimate is designed to help you align strategy with execution so you can bring big ideas to reality without compromising security.

What is the GitLab Ultimate Early Adopter program?

The GitLab Ultimate Early Adopter program is a discounted offering of GitLab Ultimate which gives you first access to all existing and new Ultimate features and the opportunity to give direct feedback and influence the roadmap.

We’re looking for ambitious, security-conscious people who want to improve how software gets built in their team, business unit, or organization. And we're looking for opinionated people to test drive GitLab Ultimate and let us know how we can best help you solve your greatest collaboration, security, and efficiency challenges.

How to sign up

There are two ways to take advantage of the early adopter pricing.

  1. Purchase GitLab Ultimate before June 30th, or
  2. Start a free trial of GitLab Ultimate before June 15 to reserve your spot in the Early Adopter program until September 15th

The second option is designed for people at organizations that need more time to evaluate the plan before making a purchase decision. In either case, once you’ve signed up, make sure to give us feedback on what you like, and what could better by opening an issue in the GitLab Enterprise Edition project. You can simply give us feedback for improvement, or choose a template from the dropdown to report a bug or suggest a feature proposal.

To be eligible for the program, you must purchase GitLab Ultimate before June 30 or start a free trial of GitLab Ultimate before June 15 to reserve your spot in the Early Adopter program until September 15th.

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