Blog Company Announcing GitLab one-click clone to Xcode
Published on June 6, 2018
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Announcing GitLab one-click clone to Xcode

GitLab's Xcode integration allows you to clone repos to Xcode with a single click!


Yesterday at WWDC, Apple announced our Xcode integration with GitLab, which makes it easier to work with your Xcode projects hosted in GitLab.

Projects that contain a .xcodeproj or .xcworkspace file can now be cloned in Xcode using the new Open in Xcode button in GitLab. When viewing Xcode projects in the GitLab interface, the button will be available in GitLab next to the Git URL for cloning your project.

Open in Xcode Button

The button is available on, and will be available to self-managed GitLab instances in GitLab 11.0 from June 22, 2018. The button works with Xcode 9 and above.

Be on the lookout as we have even more enhancements on the way with GitLab 11.0.

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