New year, new programming language

Valerie Silverthorne ·
Jan 13, 2022 · 2 min read

It’s 2022, time to learn something new. So how about studying a new programming language? Keeping your dev skills sharpened and gaining fluency in more than one language is ideal for DevOps pros, according to DevOps Institute’s 2021 Upskilling Report.

But with all the new programming languages around, it can be tricky to know where to begin. Stack Overflow’s 2021 Survey found devs were most interested in learning Python, JavaScript, and Go. JavaScript is a fairly ubiquitous language, so let’s look instead at tutorials and advice for some up-and-coming languages, including Python, Go, Rust, Groovy, and Kotlin.

The promise of Python

Python is a very popular second or third language for websites, analytics, and all things DevOps. It’s also very easy to start learning. offers a free tutorial. There is also an interactive option.

Go for the gold

Another language to consider is Go because its proponents say it’s incredibly easy to learn and use. Go is so interesting that GitLab Staff Developer Evangelist Brendan O’Leary is going to learn it this year and plans to share the journey on his blog. Learn the basics of Go and then consider diving into Go by Example.

Once you’re done hitting the books, tackle a real-world challenge, like using Go for CI.

All about Rust

It’s safe to say the devs who know and use Rust love Rust. But, to be fair, it’s not necessarily the easiest language to learn. That said, if the goal is secure code, Rust is a solid choice. To try Rust on for size, devs can either read The Rust Programming Language book or try the Rustlings course. Overachievers might want to learn how to fuzz Rust code

Feeling Groovy

Groovy is all about scripting and, as such, is ideal for those wanting to learn automation. Also, Groovy works side-by-side with Java, meaning it’s going to be a language that comes easily to those devs. Get started with Groovy. For a deeper dive, here’s a list of books about Groovy.

Create with Kotlin

Apparently Kotlin is a programming language that makes developers happier and is ideal for data science projects and Android apps. If you want to be a happier developer, too, here’s how to get started with Kotlin. Google also offers a bootcamp for Kotlin developers.

Bonus round: Use Python and Rust together

Because there is no point in learning a new programming language unless you can use it, here’s a step-by-step guide to bringing your application idea to production using Python, Rust, and GitLab CI.

“With the new year comes the opportunity to learn a new programming language. Find out how to become fluent in #Go, #Rust, #Groovy, and #Kotlin.” – Valerie Silverthorne

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