Blog Company One step closer to DevOps success with GitLab + Tasktop
Published on: September 15, 2017
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One step closer to DevOps success with GitLab + Tasktop

Good news for enterprise devs: flow GitLab Issues into your Agile tool for greater visibility and collaboration.


Tasktop, the value stream integration tool for enterprise development teams, has launched their GitLab Issues Connector. Now you can automatically flow GitLab issues bi-directionally into tools such as JIRA, CA Agile Central (formerly Rally), HPE ALM, and VersionOne, facilitating effective DevOps at scale.

GitLab Issues have endless applications: from proposing new features, to discussing implementation of new ideas, to obtaining support, an issue can serve a host of different functions.

So we're happy that Tasktop now makes it even easier to integrate issues into your workflow. It works with both the Community and Enterprise editions of GitLab to flow issues from GitLab into separate purpose-built tools, such as a development team’s Agile planning tools. An issue is then visible in both GitLab and your planning tool, and is always reflective of the current, up-to-date state. This means everyone is in the picture, whether the bulk of their work is done in GitLab or another tool.

This is great news for cross-functional teams and collaboration (it's no secret, we're big fans).

We asked Tasktop, "Why GitLab?"

"There was (and is) strong customer demand for GitLab. We built this integration as it expands our ecosystem, especially in the Issue Tracker space. We see customers needing to connect relatively lightweight issue trackers with agile development tools, typically to allow defects to be sent to developers. GitLab Issues works with any of our connectors, but it makes the most sense when integrating with tools such as JIRA, CA Agile Central, or Microsoft TFS as customers seek to connect their software value stream from end-to-end." - Trevor Bruner, Product Manager, Tasktop

What we say

GitLab VP of Product Job van der Voort:

"GitLab allows anyone to reduce their time to value, bringing their ideas to production faster. With the Tasktop integration, yet another hurdle in going from one application to the next is removed. We're excited to see enterprises ship faster and more reliably."

The GitLab Issues Connector is now available in all editions of Tasktop Integration Hub.

Is this integration the answer to your context-switching troubles? What will you use it for? Let us know in the comments!

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