GitLab Commit: Hear how Delta Air Lines became truly cloud native

Priyanka Sharma ·
Aug 27, 2019 · 1 min read

Have you ever been tasked with updating something on the move? Imagine changing the wheels of a race car… during a race! Well that’s exactly what Delta sought to do as the organization examined its tooling technology.

“Anyone at a large and historic organization knows how difficult it is to adopt cloud computing and Kubernetes-driven development. We've been there.” – Jasmine James, IT Manager - DevOps Center of Excellence, Delta Air Lines

As large companies know, building in silos becomes all too easy as needs grow. Too often, enterprises end up with unwieldy infrastructures as different teams often have workloads in different clouds. Sometimes these large companies may want to choose different clouds for different workloads, but this seemingly reasonable goal becomes difficult when clouds tend to lock their users in via tools, partnerships, and timing. And innovators know that nothing stifles creativity – and business – like inflexibility. Competition, collaboration, and portability are as essential to cloud native technologies as they are to sports, art, and academics.

Enter Delta, a huge enterprise that has found a solution which enables them to be cloud agnostic and cloud native.

“In my opinion, your technology can empower further innovation and business objectives when you order your operations – in our case, operationalizing Kubernetes on bare metal with the right tooling before jumping on the cloud bandwagon. That's what my team at Delta is excited about, and I hope our story can save some other folks a few hours of struggle," Jasmine says.

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“Learn how Jasmine James avoided the cloud vendor lock at GitLab Commit on Sept 17” – Priyanka Sharma

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