GitLab for Education: First Virtual Meetup

Christina Hupy ·
Apr 28, 2020 · 4 min read

The GitLab for Education Program is excited to announce our first global virtual meetup on May 6th (1:00 pm EDT/ 5:00 pm UTC)!

About GitLab Meetups

GitLab has a vibrant global meetup community with over 10,000 members from 20 plus countries. If you are new to GitLab meetups, they are events organized by our community members, community groups, or GitLab team members, where people get together to network, share ideas, and learn more about a broad range of topics in DevOps. Generally, there are speakers and some Q&A with plenty of time for interaction between attendees. While the majority of our previous meetups were in person, we recently launched virtual meetups with great success! We love virtual meetups because they can be more efficient, more collaborative, and more diverse and inclusive.

GitLab for Education

The GitLab for Education Program, one of several programs run by the Developer Relations team, is where we foster the adoption of GitLab at educational institutions ranging from primary school up through Universities by providing free licenses of GitLab Gold or Ulitmate for the purposes of teaching, learning, or research to qualifying educational institutions. We are thrilled with the success thus far - we’ve issued 1.486 million seats to 800 institutions in 65 countries around the world - and we’re excited to build on this organic interest and take the program to the next level.

As we look forward to expanding our GitLab for Education Program in 2020, our primary goal is to foster a vibrant community for building relationships and sharing knowledge for all things related to education and DevOps. In this spirit, we’re excited to announce our first-ever Education Program Virtual Meetup. We invite anyone who is interested to join us - you do not need to be a current Education Program member to attend. Our focus on the Developer Relations team has been to create a community where everyone can contribute and we are thrilled to extend these efforts into growing the education community.

Here is an overview of what we’ll cover:

Introduction to our Team Members and overview of the GitLab for Education Program

We’ll start by introducing a few of our team members, John Coghlan our Senior Evangelist Program Manager, and Christina Hupy our Senior Education Program Manager. John runs our GitLab Meetup and GitLab Heroes programs. Next, we’ll introduce Christina (that’s me!), who runs our GitLab for Education Program, and a few our Community Advocates. Then we’ll highlight a few key points about the GitLab for Education Program such as the types of licenses we offer, how your institution can sign up for them, and how you can contribute directly by engaging with us on issues on GitLab itself. We’ll answer any questions you might have about the program.

We’ll touch on a broad range of topics including:

Why join us?

This is a great opportunity to grow your network in education whether you are a student learning DevOps or a faculty or staff looking to share best practices for implementation on campus. Meetups are also a great way to increase your skillset by learning more about DevOps and GitLab alike. They are great forums for sharing ideas that could inspire you in your everyday workflows.

We hope you’ll consider joining us. We are super excited to connect with all of you! Please feel free to share the invite to anyone who may be interested in learning more.

This event has taken place – you can view the recording here.

Please email us with any questions.

Interested in hosting your own meetup? Check out our meetups page.

Cover image by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

“Join @gitlab's first virtual meetup for educators.” – Christina Hupy

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