GitLab solicits input on its plans to de-identify service usage data

Keanon O’Keefe ·
Mar 4, 2021 · 1 min read

What isn’t changing

No changes are being made to the policy on service usage data collection from SaaS or Self-Managed customers at this time.

What is changing

De-identification isn’t perfect

While we will be de-identifying userID and PI, there is a gap for single user namespaces. If a namespace only has a single user, there is potential for them to be linked to that account directly, even after de-identification. We will continue to investigate a solution to this.

Timeline and implementation

We will collect input on design and implementation over the next 30 days in the GitLab Community Forum. We plan to implement these changes starting in June 2021.

More information

Please find more information about our privacy policy. Further details on how service usage data is used for product improvement can be found on our Product Direction page. Also see GitLab’s analytics environment.

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