Blog Security How GitLab's integration with Rezilion reduces vulnerability backlog and identifies exploitable risks
Published on March 23, 2022
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How GitLab's integration with Rezilion reduces vulnerability backlog and identifies exploitable risks

The native integration helps developers detect and remediate vulnerabilities that are exploitable early on in the development process.


Rezilion and GitLab are partnering on an integration that will help resolve the longstanding tension between developers and security teams in organizations around the world. DevOps wants to write code and push new products to innovate and stay competitive. Security teams want to ensure applications are secure and unexploitable so that their organizations stay safe. These two desires often collide as DevOps wants to keep moving and security is seen as a bottleneck to their progress.

To help developers detect and remediate vulnerabilities early on in the development process and release products quickly and securely, Rezilion’s DevSecOps technology is now natively integrated with GitLab CI.

Some of the key use benefits of this integration are the ability to:

  • Reduce vulnerability backlog by up to 70% and reduce patching efforts by identifying unexploitable vulnerabilities so that developers can fix what matters most and not waste time.

  • Prioritize what matters most in your environment to help save developers time and deliver better products faster.

  • Remediate significantly faster by integrating Rezilion's capabilities directly into the GitLab development workflow. This allows you to address real threats in a timely manner.

  • Gain actionable insights within the GitLab CI pipeline. Non-exploitable vulnerabilities are marked as “false positives” and can be dismissed, while issues can be easily assigned to fix the exploitable ones.

  • Identify software components with a dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), including open source components and their loaded/unloaded status for quick risk view.

  • Shift security left by validating vulnerabilities early in the process (right after the build, in the CI pipeline itself as part of tests that are running there).

Results are available within the GitLab Security Dashboard and Vulnerability Management for use within the CI pipeline, at the project level, and across groups of projects.

Too many vulnerabilities, not enough focus

A growing vulnerability backlog coupled with a lack of clarity on which vulnerabilities to fix – and when – can lead to a range of challenges, including:

  • Wasting developers' time
  • Delaying time to market
  • Increasing the likelihood of exploitation due to long remediation timelines

A large vulnerability backlog takes up too much time. Remediating everything is not always realistic, practical, or secure. That’s why Rezilion’s native integration with GitLab CI allows teams to focus on fixing what matters most.

Enhanced runtime validation to fix what is exploitable

By integrating Rezilion’s capabilities into GitLab CI, developers now have a more complete and convenient security solution to restore focus on innovation.

Using Rezilion’s enhanced runtime validation, customers save time by scanning for vulnerabilities, filtering out scan results that do not pose a risk, building efficient remediation plans, and continuing to focus on seamlessly innovating software.

Customers can also easily visualize what software components are present in their environment – which are loaded to memory and therefore exploitable – by accessing their dynamic SBOM directly from the GitLab UI platform.

Rezilion Enhanced Vulnerability Validation funnel

Figure 1: Enhanced Vulnerability Validation helps you focus on and fix what matters most

Vulnerability report

Figure 2: The vulnerability report shows a list of vulnerabilities in your pipeline and marks the false positives. Additionally, each row shows when it was detected, its status, severity, and details.

We believe this integration will be very impactful for CISOs, product security team members, and developers who need to focus on innovating and product delivery, without delays due to a vulnerability backlog and cumbersome remediation timelines.

Checkout this video to see Rezilion's GitLab integration in action:

Get started today with a free 30-day trial of both GitLab Ultimate and Rezilion to experience more efficient software vulnerability management.

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