Blog News DevOps is at the center of GitLab
Published on: April 27, 2022
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DevOps is at the center of GitLab

GitLab allows companies to do away with the many point solutions that have been digitally duct taped together and instead bring all DevOps functionalities together in ONE place


Accelerating DevOps adoption is core to achieving our mission of allowing everyone to contribute. DevOps enables contribution and collaboration between disparate and previously siloed teams. In fact, DevOps is so central to GitLab that we have incorporated the DevOps infinity loop into our logo. I’m excited to share our new logo and look with you.

Building the One DevOps Platform

DevOps has come a long way since GitLab was incorporated in 2014. And DevOps strategies are continuing to evolve. For some companies, each team selects their own DevOps tools, which causes problems when teams try to collaborate. For other companies, they select a set of preferred tools. But then they still require a lot of custom work to integrate DevOps point solutions together into a “Do It Yourself DevOps” solution. The more point solutions that are digitally duct taped together, the harder it is to integrate and maintain them all.

And that’s why I’m proud that GitLab allows companies to do away with the many point solutions that have been digitally duct taped together and instead bring all DevOps functionalities together in ONE place.

As someone who is passionate about single sources of truth for information, the concept of One resonates with me. There are many ways in which GitLab as The One DevOps Platform helps customers evolve their DevOps landscape and deliver better results for their organizations.

  • One interface
  • One data model
  • One permissions model
  • One value stream
  • One set of reports
  • One spot to secure your code
  • One location to deploy to any cloud
  • One place for everyone to contribute

One. Platform.

Today, all companies live and die on their ability to create and deliver software. This is true for every type of organization, from the largest global commercial enterprises to the emerging hypergrowth startups. That is why companies such as Siemens, T-Mobile, and UBS, have selected GitLab as their DevOps platform.

"Having the ability to fully develop software in the cloud through GitLab is a game changer, allowing us to accelerate our tech strategy and offer a best-in-class engineering experience. It also means we're able to constantly develop, test and deploy technical solutions while they are running, improving time-to-market for our clients while decreasing costs." - Mike Dargan, Chief Digital and Information Officer at UBS.

Evolving the GitLab brand, iterating our logo and look

Iteration is deeply ingrained in our values. We strive to do the smallest thing possible to get to the best result as quickly as possible. This value leads to quicker learning and tighter feedback loops.

I see this moment both as a symbol of GitLab’s growth and of the evolution of DevOps itself. To reinforce this moment, we are also evolving our logo. The new logo places GitLab at the center of the DevOps infinity loop. I am pleased that we chose to iterate instead of a step change – staying true to our values.

Animation of GitLab logo

And we’re just getting started

I aspire for GitLab to represent a place where we elevate others through knowledge access, job access, and The One DevOps platform. More to come later this year as we work to help individuals elevate their careers by learning core DevOps principles and how to use GitLab.

Thank you to our amazing customers for choosing GitLab as your One DevOps Platform. Most importantly, thank you for believing in a mission where everyone can contribute and live the GitLab values every day.

GitLab releases new features on the 22nd of each month. We invite you to the GitLab 15 release event to experience exciting new elements of The One DevOps Platform. Join us.

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