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Published on June 20, 2023
2 min read

Get to know our newest open source partner, The Open Group

The Open Group leaders explain how the organization uses GitLab to build and maintain open standards for transformative digital technologies.


For more than 30 years, The Open Group has served as a steward and champion of open source technologies, helping companies achieve business objectives through open technological standards. Today, many of the group's approximately 900 member organizations participate in the work of ensuring critical digital technologies remain open and accessible.

The Open Group recently joined the GitLab Open Source Partners community, where it can connect with other large-scale, open source consortia and projects using GitLab to advance the state of the open source art. So I brewed a cup of tea and sat down with two of the group's team members — Vice President and CTO Andras Szakal and GitLab administrator David Diederich — to hear how using GitLab helps them achieve their group's mission.

In this interview, you'll learn how:

  • GitLab CI/CD helps the group build scalable open source projects
  • adopting GitLab's integrated analysis tools helped the organization deploy complex solutions without the DevOps tax
  • GitLab serves as the foundation of the organization's approach to digital transformation

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