Applications Supporting GitLab

Every application that supports Git will work with GitLab. Below are some of the applications we wanted to highlight. You can use the GitLab API to add support for GitLab. Please file a merge request to add a new application to the list.

Native Apps

GitLab Control

An iOS app for managing your GitLab projects on iPhone or iPad. GitLab Control gives you full access to your GitLab projects with the built in code viewer and search tools. You can fully navigate your code tree, issues, milestones and code snippets or search for any filenames, IDs or labels. You can also capture, organise and prioritise your team’s issues, and stay up-to-date using activity streams displaying commits, issues, and more across all repositories.


GitLab client for Android, featuring full material design and allows for multiple accounts.

Play Store
Repository on GitLab

Chrome GitLab Notifier

Third party notifier for GitLab events (Commit, Issue, MergeRequest and Milestone).

Chrome App Store

Working Copy

Full featured Git client for iPhone and iPad.


A beautiful GitLab client for iOS.

Octotree Chrome Extension

Octotree adds a sidebar to GitLab with all files of the project you're looking at. Highly recommended.

Octotree on the Chrome Web Store


The Git client for iPhone and iPad you always wanted


Branches is an iPhone and iPad app for managing issues in your GitLab repositories. The app also lets you browse commits, merge requests and files.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Clients

Narkoz's Ruby wrapper & CLI

Ruby wrapper and CLI for GitLab REST API.

Repository on GitHub

Numa08's lab

Git::Gitlab is a GitLab command line interface.

Repository on GitHub

Bor-sh's git-gitlab

Yet another GitLab command line interface.

Repository on GitLab

GoTsunami's GitLab Copy Tool

Copy issues (with labels, milestones and notes) from one GitLab project to another, possibly running on different GitLab instances.

Repository on GitHub

Zmo's git-repo, a tool for managing your remote repository services

A tool to manage your remote repositories (create, fork, delete, clone, add remote…) for services like GitLab (but also GitHub and Bitbucket) that integrates as a Git subcommand.

Repository on GitLab
Package on PyPI
Repository (and issues) on GitHub
Repository on Bitbucket


Copy global labels into a project or between projects on the same or different GitLab instances, edit or delete labels using a regex.

Repository on GitHub

API Clients

Narkoz's Ruby wrapper & CLI

Ruby wrapper and CLI for GitLab REST API.

Repository on GitHub


Net::GitLab Perl Client talks to a GitLab installation via its API.

Repository on


Perl Client is a complete GitLab API v3 client.

Distribution on MetaCPAN
Repository on GitHub


Python GitLab is a Python wrapper for the GitLab API

Repository on GitHub


PyAPI-GitLab is a Python wrapper for the GitLab API.

Repository on GitHub


libsaas_gitlab is a Python wrapper based on libsaas

Repository on GitLab


Go GitLab Client is a 100% complete GitLab API v3 client.

Repository on GitHub


Go GitLab Client for GitLab.

Repository on GitHub


GitLabKit is an API client library for the GitLab API, written in Swift.

Repository on GitHub


Backbone for GitLab is a Backbone client library for the GitLab API

Repository on GitHub


GitLab-Yaac (Node Package Manager) is aGitLab API client with more control over server response

Repository on GitHub


Node GitLab is a GitLab API Node.js library.

Repository on GitHub


PHP-GitLab-API is aGitLab API client for PHP

Repository on GitHub


Laravel GitLab is a Laravel bridge for GitLab

Repository on GitHub


Java GitLab API is a wrapper for the GitLab API written in Java

Repository on GitHub


GitLab.NET is a .NET library for GitLab's API.

NuGet Package
Repository on GitLab


NGitLab is a .NET client for GitLab.

Repository on GitHub


Mirror a GitHub project to GitLab

github2gitlab is a command line tool to mirror the git repository and the pull requests of a GitHub project to GitLab. As of version 7.7.0 GitLab also includes a GitHub importer that transfers issues and comments.

Home Page


Add annotated screenshots to every issue in GitLab. A picture paints a thousand words, so reproducing the bug gets as simple as possible.

GitLab Identity Connector

Identity connector for GitLab written using ConnId framework. The connector can be used to access GitLab from midPoint identity management system.

Repository on GitHub


Simple script creating a GitLab project from the local repository in the current directory.


GitLab Listener

JIRA add-on allowing the reception of GitLab push events using GitLab project webhooks.

Atlassian Marketplace

GitLab IRC gateway

IRC notifications using webhooks, implemented with the irker IRC bot

Repository on


Zero Downtime PHP Deployments.


When you type any YouTrack command in a VCS commit comment, it is applied to the issue associated with that commit.



Teamweek gives you the simplicity of an Excel sheet in a web-based, multi-user environment. It helps you schedule, manage and share tasks.



Time tracker that is built for speed and ease of use.



A REST client to the GitLab API with an Emacs HELM interface


Review Board

A web-based collaborative code review tool

Review Board


Easy time management tool which helps to track all your working activity in GitLab. Follow GitLab time tracking instruction to start using TMetric.

GitLab time tracking


A web-based tool to see all merge requests of your team in one place

Hosted version on GitLab Pages
Repository on
Repository on GitHub


Time tracking with screenshots and activity levels for GitLab issues. Issues sync automatically to native apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone and Android.

Video walk-through


Collaborative translation platform and localization management software. The integration with GitLab connects the translations in POEditor projects with language files in GitLab repos, simplifying translation management and syncronization.

GitLab Integration

GitPitch - Slideshow Presentations for Developers

No more PowerPoint. No more Keynote. Just Markdown. Then Git-Commit.

GitPitch Website
GitPitch GitHub Repo
GitPitch GitHub Wiki

Continuous Integration

GitLab CI

GitLab Continuous Integration (CI) integrates with your GitLab installation to run tests for your projects. Login with GitLab account, add a project with one click and enjoy running your tests. GitLab CI is on-premises software that you can install and use on your server(s) and is supported by GitLab the company.

GitLab CI

Magnum CI

Hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery Platform

Magnum CI Integration with GitLab


BuildKite runs builds on GitLab commits, either on self-hosted GitLab repositories or



StriderCD is an open-source continuous integration tool that integrates well with GitLab.



One reason TeamCity is dubbed an "Intelligent CI server" is its approach to integration. You get all this support without installing any plugins and with no modifications to build scripts.



We support Jenkins through the Jenkins GitLab plugin.

Jenkins CI integration


Shippable is the one solution you need to automate your application delivery pipelines, with the flexibility to work with your existing tools, processes and infrastructure.

Shippable GitLab integration

CMS Plugins

Drupal Plugin

Connect your Drupal site to a GitLab instance using web services. This is purely an API module. You should only enable it if another module requires it or if you want to build code against this API.


Dropfort helps you to organize your Drupal projects and manage your sites in one simple interface.

GUI Git Clients

All GUI Clients

All Git GUI Clients from all companies are compatible with GitLab.

Git Tower

Easy version control in a beautiful, efficient, and powerful app for Mac OS X.


Eclipse has the Egit Team provider that also supports GitLab. Eclipse Git Team Provider Working with remote repositories


Lets you interact with gitlab from within your IDE.

Visual Studio

The Visual Studio Tools for Git is an extension for Team Explorer that provides source control integration for Git.



GitKraken is a visual git client. Please note that it requires you to sign up with a working email.


This IDE for the PHP programming language has a GitLab plugin.

Plugin on the Jetbrains site

Performance measurement


AppSignal support GitLab and can monitor both Rails and Sidekiq.


Application monitoring for developers with Git integration for faster debugging.
GitLab integration

Munin Plugins

Plugins for monitoring a GitLab instance with munin.

Plugins on GitHub

Blackfire enables you to automate the performance testing and profiling of your code any time you modify it.
Gitlab integration documentation

Login with your account

OAuth2 service provider

Using the OAuth2 service provider to sign into other services.

GitLab as OAuth2 authentication service provider

Scrum boards

Free. Open Source. Powerful. Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers and designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.


A free, open source and self-hosted visual task board software. GitLab events can be connected to Kanboard's automatic actions through GitLab webhooks and GitLab authentication

GitLab Kanban

Self hosted kanban board built from the ground up using the GitLab public API. Kanban issues are GitLab issues and the user permissions are respected.

Vivify Scrum

A project management tool that is Scrum and Kanban compatible. Intuitive and efficient. Built for software developers by software developers. Let's you focus on what matters.

Vivify Scrum

Built with GitLab

La fabrique de la loi

This site uses GitLab to store French laws in git and make the lawmaking process visual.

Perforce Helix GitSwarm

Perforce Helix GitSwarm is a git collaboration tool built on GitLab.

O'Reilly Atlas

Technical publisher O'Reilly Media has build their own frontend on top of a GitLab backend. They published a video of the app Backbone for GitLab API library they developed for this.


This authoring site for writing books is built with a fork of GitLab.

GitLab Runners

Official GitLab Runner

Written in Go, supported on multiple operating systems and includes Docker support.

Official GitLab Runner

Unofficial GitLab Runner for Scala/Java

An unofficial GitLab Runner written in Java, it has less features than our official Runner

Unofficial GitLab Runner for Scala/Java

Unofficial GitLab Runner for Node

An unofficial GitLab Runner written in Node, it has less features than our official Runner

Unofficial GitLab Runner for Node