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Ray Paik ·
Aug 13, 2018 · 1 min read

There are over 2,000 code contributors to GitLab today and we want to welcome more contributors to the growing community.

Having been involved in other open source projects, I know how exciting it is to collaborate in an open community and work with passionate people from different parts of the world. I recently joined GitLab to work with our community of contributors, and I wanted to share a list of activities that I’m planning to help grow the community:

1. Streamline onboarding documentations

So that it’d be easier for people to get started. There are already some initiatives on the way, such as this merge request from a community member.

2. Proactively reach out to first-time contributors

I want to start congratulating new contributors who successfully complete their first merge request. Stay tuned for new swag and opportunities to be paired with mentors who are experienced GitLab community members.

3. Launch new blog post series

Speaking of experienced contributors, I’d like to highlight some of them with a new blog post series, since their experience working in the GitLab community will be helpful for new contributors. The first post features Core Team member Vitaliy Klachkov.

4. Kick off Core Team meeting

We just kicked off a regular meeting with the Core Team to discuss topics of interest for the GitLab community. This recorded meeting will be open to anyone. The Core Team will also use Service Desk so that anyone in the community can view and participate in discussions.

Thanks for reading my blog post. Your feedback/questions are always welcome and you can reach me at

Interested in learning how you can contribute?

A good place to start would be the Contributing to GitLab page, where you can learn how you can contribute to GitLab code, documentation, and translation.

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