Blog Open Source Thanks Fluentd for betting on GitLab CI/CD!
May 21, 2019
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Thanks Fluentd for betting on GitLab CI/CD!

We're happy to support fresh CNCF graduate Fluentd with GitLab CI/CD, and excited about their latest innovation offering stream processing on the edge.


Fluentd, the latest project to graduate in the CNCF, announced on stage at KubeCon Barcelona today that it is using GitLab CI/CD for continuous integration. We are thrilled about the shout out and honored to support such an influential and innovative project.

For those who haven’t yet worked with Fluentd, it is an open source data collector, which lets you unify the data collection and consumption for a better use and understanding of data. Fluent Bit is their lighter-weight forwarder for those with exacting memory requirements. The project sports 7,868 stars on GitHub and their community has contributed more than 900 contributed plugins. They witness more than 100K downloads a day!

The latest innovation from Fluentd around stream processing on the edge can be very useful for our industry. As many of those who monitor large-scale, complex, distributed systems, run IoT businesses, or build smart cities will attest, more and more data is generated by these systems and analysis often needs to happen blazingly fast to be meaningful. The standard data analysis model, where it is first stored and indexed in a database (presumably in some cloud) and then analyzed, is not good enough for some real-time and complex analysis needs. The latencies associated with such data transfer may not be able to support applications involving time-critical, data-driven decision making. With Fluent bit, the Fluent team is looking to process the data while it's still in motion in the Log processor – bringing a lot of advantages of speed.

While I am reading papers by others attempting to build stream processing on the edge, I find Fluentd’s efforts exciting because they already have major community traction and are part of companies’ observability workflows for logging. The CNCF graduation criteria that Fluentd met will further embolden enterprises to try it out, as part of the requirements are a diverse contributor community and security audits.

We've spent the past few months collaborating with Fluentd on their CI needs, and it's been very educational for us. We learned about the unique challenges that fast-moving projects in the CNCF face, and how we can be of assistance with our CI/CD offering. A large part of the answer is providing clear and consistent guidance around converting pipelines and then supporting the projects to success. If you are a CNCF project interested in working with GitLab CI/CD, holler at us and we’d be delighted to help.

Until then, enjoy KubeCon Barca!

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