Upcoming breaking change: Python 3 will be the default version used in License Compliance

Nicole Schwartz ·
Jul 19, 2019 · 1 min read

With the release of GitLab 12.2 on August 22, Python 3 will become the default version used in the Secure stage License Compliance1 feature. GitLab.com users should expect to see the change at the beginning of August.

What do I do if I use Python 2.0?

GitLab self-managed users with Python 2 will need to set the CI variable LM_PYTHON_VERSION to "2" when they start using GitLab 12.2. GitLab.com users will need to do so at the beginning of August.

In the GitLab 12.0 release post, we announced License Compliance1 will change the default version of Python from version 2 to version 3 in GitLab 12.2, and that support for Python 2 would be deprecated in a future release due to Python 2.7 reaching the end of its life on Jan. 1, 2020.

What if I currently use Python 3?

You can change License Compliance1 to use Python 3 by setting the CI variable LM_PYTHON_VERSION to "3" today. If you do not make this change before the default is changed, it will only begin to work starting with GitLab 12.2.

1What is License Compliance?

License Compliance, formerly called License Management, is being renamed to better align with common industry vernacular starting in 12.2. The purpose of License Compliance is to track which licenses are used by third-party components included in your project, like libraries and external dependencies, and to check that they are compatible with your organizations licensing model. License Compliance is part of our Secure Composition Analysis group.

You can view the documentation for License Management here.

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