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April 8, 2020
1 min read

Jira Importer Research

Senior Product Designer Holly Reynolds is seeking participants for research surrounding importing Jira issues.


Working with multiple DevOps applications including Jira and GitLab? Looking to consolidate to or test drive GitLab with your own existing Jira issues? We are researching ways to provide options for importing issues from Jira into GitLab and need your help!

Problem Overview We believe our Project Management users need a way to easily transfer existing issues from Jira into GitLab beyond what's possible with CSV exports. We want to dive deeper into understanding what will provide the most value for these users in this import process from the start and what their expectations are for this experience.

Our recruiting Challenge This is a bit of a unique group we're seeking feedback from in that a specific persona may not always apply. For example, both a Systems Admin or a DevOps Engineer could be responsible for helping their team transition from Jira to GitLab. We'd like to hear from anyone with issues currently in Jira that would like to import them into GitLab via an API.

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