Blog News Join the new GitLab Collective on Stack Overflow!
Published on November 8, 2021
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Join the new GitLab Collective on Stack Overflow!

Now you can learn and share your best tips and tricks about version control, CI/CD, all-remote, DevOps platforms and more on the new GitLab Collective on Stack Overflow. Here's how to get started.


We’re very excited to announce the GitLab community has a new home on Stack Overflow: the GitLab Collective.

We know we already have a great relationship with our contributors and the open source community but the GitLab Collective on Stack Overflow will take that to the next level. Our collective will be a place contributors and developers can learn and share about version control, CI/CD, DevSecOps, all-remote, DevOps platforms and more.

“Community is at the core of GitLab’s mission,” says Brendan O’Leary, senior developer evangelist at GitLab. “With a contributor community of more than 2,600 people, we have a strong community aligned with our mission – to create a world where everyone can contribute. We believe the GitLab Collective will be a place where we can discover feedback and create opportunities for the GitLab community to contribute to Stack Overflow’s community.”

Finding your way around the GitLab Collective is easy: look for the “gitlab” tag, or add “gitlab” to a more specific product search, like “gitlab-ci.” Ask questions, dive into in-depth technical data, or browse through how-to guides and articles. Contributions to the GitLab Collective will be tracked on a leaderboard, and if you’re a top contributor, we might tap you as a “Recognized Member” (basically a GitLab-approved guide who can help with questions and make recommendations).

GitLab on Stack Overflow

What comes next

If you’re already a Stack Overflow user, please head to the GitLab Collective and start answering questions (you can ask questions too!). If you’re not a Stack Overflow user, we’d highly recommend you join the community. And remember you’ll earn reputation points on Stack Overflow by participating.

Right now we’re in the process of creating the documentation that will outline how to become a “Recognized Member” on the GitLab Collective on Stack Overflow. As a Recognized Member, people can recommend answers and write articles on the GitLab Collective to help the community and show off their expertise. Recognized Members will also get a special badge on Stack Overflow that denotes them as a Recognized Members. More to come on this program so watch this space!

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