Blog News Self-managed support extended to GitLab for Jira App
Published on: January 12, 2023
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Self-managed support extended to GitLab for Jira App

Connect GitLab with the Jira development panel to sync merge requests, commits, and transition Jira issue statuses from GitLab.


Developing fast feedback loops is a core tenet of DevOps and is critical to the communication required between planning functions and engineering teams. GitLab provides many integrated features for Agile Planning within the DevSecOps Platform, but we understand the importance of supporting tools used within the broader DevOps ecosystem. This is why we’ve partnered with Atlassian to provide additional (and more straightforward) support between GitLab and Atlassian Jira, via the GitLab for Jira app.

GitLab for Jira app: Proxy for Self-Managed GitLab

For Jira Cloud, the GitLab for Jira app now officially supports integration with both GitLab SaaS and GitLab Self-Managed, making it easier to identify the ideal integration based on the type of installation mix you may have.

With the GitLab for Jira app, you can:

  • Display merge requests, commits, pipelines, deployments, feature flags, and branches directly in the Jira Development Panel, creating a quick view into progress on feature development.
  • Link commits, commit messages, and issue comments by mentioning the Jira Issue ID.
  • Transition issues from a commit, saving developers time from context switching across tools.
  • Add time tracking or custom comments to an issue with Smart Commits.

Configuring the GitLab for Jira app with GitLab Self-Managed

Here are the steps to take to configure the GitLab for Jira app with GitLab Self-Managed:

  1. Visit the GitLab for Jira App in the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Click “Get it now”.
  3. Choose “GitLab (self managed)” Note: this requires a GitLab Admin role.
  4. Configure your Instance OAuth App in GitLab.
  5. Provide your instance URL.
  6. Sign in to your GitLab instance.
  7. Link your namespace.

Limitations and considerations

  1. If you have implemented the GitLab for Jira app manually via App Manifest, proceed with caution. This is our first iteration and we’ll be improving the workflow to make it easier to migrate to the official GitLab for Jira app from the App Manifest approach.
  2. Traffic will be routed through for the GitLab for Jira app to configure the integration.
  3. To configure the integration, you will need to be an admin of the Jira project and the GitLab instance to enable the integration.

Deprecation and removal of Jira Cloud support for DVCS integration

As the GitLab for Jira app now supports GitLab Self-Managed, this is the recommended path for integration between Jira Cloud and GitLab (for and GitLab Self-Managed). The GitLab DVCS connector will only support Jira Server and Jira Data Center moving forward. Jira Cloud support within the DVCS integration is deprecated and will be removed in %16.0.

To simplify how to choose which integrations are a fit for you, see below:

  1. Are you using Jira Cloud?

    1. Use the GitLab for Jira app.
    2. You can also use the GitLab Jira Integration with the GitLab for Jira app.
  2. Are you using Jira Server or Jira Data Center?

    1. Use the Jira DVCS Connector
    2. You can also use the GitLab Jira Integration with the Jira DVCS Connector.

Options for using the GitLab for Jira app with GitLab Self-Managed

With this release, you may now configure the GitLab for Jira app directly from the Atlassian Marketplace. This gives you a guided workflow for enabling the app and leverages as a proxy for your self-managed instance, for purposes of enabling the integration.

Alternatively, you may also install the GitLab for Jira app by fetching a manifest file or creating your own Marketplace listing. To explore these approaches, you can visit our documentation.

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