How DevSecOps drives business success

Jul 24, 2023 · 3 min read
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DevSecOps is an evolution of DevOps — but it’s more than just adding the word “Security” in between "Development" and "Operations." It's about bringing everyone into the security team and building security into the entire software development lifecycle. Although DevSecOps is likely talked about more in coding circles than in boardrooms, the benefits of DevSecOps extend to the entire organization, helping teams deliver software faster without sacrificing quality or security.

But what exactly are the business benefits of DevSecOps? In this blog post, we'll dive into the top ways DevSecOps can help organizations drive business results and ROI.

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How DevSecOps can benefit businesses

Here are a few of the ways adopting DevSecOps can benefit a business:

How DevSecOps drives ROI

“Central for any executive is ROI and if a decision will bring their business forward or backward,” says Ayoub Fandi, senior field security engineer at GitLab. “A DevSecOps platform brings all of the features, security tools, and automation of DevSecOps together in a single app so there’s no buying, stitching, and maintaining a complicated jumble of tools. It also means a company isn’t paying for all of those licensing costs, subscription fees, and maintenance expenses. Each year, companies spend more and more on technology, so if they can find a way to reduce their spending on that, it’ll be very welcome to executives.”

By helping protect a company’s brand, enabling the organization to stay ahead in a competitive field and remain compliant, and giving executives visibility over what’s causing slowdowns or increasing velocity, DevSecOps can be a valuable business tool.

What is a DevSecOps platform?

A comprehensive DevSecOps platform brings all of the features, security controls, and automation of DevSecOps together in one end-to-end application, so there’s no buying and supporting a complicated jumble of tools.

“If I were in a company’s buying seat, I would be looking at DevSecOps,” says Fandi. “Executives want to worry less about compliance issues and security breaches that could have a big impact on their revenue, their ability to grow the company, and customers’ confidence in doing business with them. With DevSecOps, they can worry less about all of that.”

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“Learn the benefits of DevSecOps, including how it drives ROI.” – Sharon Gaudin

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