Medium GitLab SaaS runners on Linux now available to all tiers

Aug 1, 2023 · less than 1 minute
Gabriel Engel GitLab profile

Free tier users of GitLab can now experience shorter CI/CD execution times with medium GitLab SaaS runners on Linux. Previously, Free tier users could only use our small SaaS runner on Linux, which sometimes resulted in longer CI/CD execution times. As of now, though, our medium SaaS runners on Linux are available to all tiers.

To use the medium SaaS runners on Linux, simply add the saas-linux-medium-amd64 tag in your project's gitlab-ci.yml file. Under the hood, we spin up a fresh GCP n2d-standard-4 VM for one-time use with 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM, and 50GB storage attached.

We look forward to seeing our Free tier users increase their pipeline speeds.


“Medium GitLab SaaS runners on Linux are now available to all tiers. Try them out to increase your CI/CD pipeline speeds.” – Gabriel Engel

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