Blog News GitLab account security: Verify your information for enhanced protection
Published on: August 8, 2023
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GitLab account security: Verify your information for enhanced protection

GitLab users soon will be required to provide a valid email address during login to boost security and prevent credential stuffing.


Our priority at GitLab is to ensure the highest level of security for your accounts and protect your valuable information. As part of our commitment to your security, we will now require users who are not registered with two-factor authentication (2FA) to confirm a valid email address during login. Users will be prompted to confirm a code sent to their email if their login attempt meets specific high-risk criteria. This security update will be implemented on August 16, 2023.

Why we are making this change

The rise of cyber threats, such as credential stuffing, has prompted us to take proactive measures to safeguard your accounts. By requiring a valid email address during login, we can effectively verify user identities and add an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Confirmation process for non-2FA users

For users who have not yet registered with 2FA, a brief verification process may follow a login attempt. After entering your username and password, you will be prompted to enter a code sent to your email address. This step ensures that GitLab upholds the highest standards for account security.

Confirmation prompt

Empowering users with one-time email address update

To facilitate this security update, we have introduced a special feature the first time verification is required August 16, 2023. Users will have the option to update their email address once to a valid and active email address. This flexibility enables you to provide the most relevant email address for future logins.

Verification form

Maintaining a valid email address

Once you have updated your email address, it is crucial to maintain a valid email address linked to your account moving forward. This will ensure seamless logins in the future.

Your security matters most

At GitLab, we are wholly committed to providing you with a secure and reliable user experience. This update reflects our ongoing dedication to protecting your accounts and preserving the trust you place in us.

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