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Published on: December 22, 2023
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GitLab Duo Code Suggestions is generally available

Learn how our AI-powered workflow helps developers write secure code efficiently.


GitLab Duo Code Suggestions, part of the GitLab Duo suite of AI-powered workflows, is now generally available with GitLab 16.7. Code Suggestions, our generative AI code creation assistant within our DevSecOps platform, helps developers to write secure code more efficiently and assists in improving cycle times by taking care of repetitive, routine coding tasks.

According to GitLab's 2023 State of AI in Software Development report, 83% of DevSecOps professionals said it is essential to implement AI in their software development processes to avoid falling behind, and a majority were interested in using AI for code generation and code suggestions.

As DevSecOps teams incorporate AI in the software development lifecycle, tapping into easy-to-adopt features like Code Suggestions provides a good entry point to achieve improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity while not compromising on security and governance.

Try Code Suggestions for free through February 14.

Faster development with less context switching

A developer's workload is more than just writing code; it involves extensive context switching to search through documentation, hunt for code examples, and work through trial and error. All of this interrupts the software development process, decreasing time to value.

Leveraging generative AI, Code Suggestions helps boost developers' efficiency and effectiveness by assisting in reducing the time required for coding fundamental functions. It also helps in understanding and extending existing, and sometimes unfamiliar, codebases while helping ensure adherence to security best practices. Code Suggestions includes the following capabilities:

  • Code generation: automatically generates lines of code, including full functions, from single and multi-line comments as well as comment blocks
  • Code completion: automatically proposes new lines of code from a few typed characters

Code Suggestions is available in 15 languages, including C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Kotlin, and TypeScript. GitLab editor extensions can be found in popular IDE marketplaces; VS Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains’ suite of IDEs, and Neovim are all supported. And, of course, Code Suggestions is available within GitLab’s Web IDE, giving developers a quick way to get up and running with GitLab Duo. Support for Code Suggestions is available for self-managed GitLab instances via a secure connection to GitLab cloud infrastructure.

Watch this introduction to Code Suggestions:

Discover more AI capabilities with GitLab Duo

Organizations can use AI to help streamline the entire DevSecOps lifecycle and ship better, more secure, software faster. GitLab Duo has 15 AI-assisted features that support everyone involved in software development. From planning and coding to testing to delivery, there's a GitLab Duo capability to help.

For example, GitLab Duo Vulnerability Resolution helps teams remediate vulnerabilities proactively with the assistance of generative AI. In addition, Discussion Summary assists in getting everyone up to speed and aligned on lengthy conversations within GitLab Enterprise Agile Planning.

Our approach to AI is resonating with our customers. For example, Amado Gramajo, Vice President of Infrastructure & DevOps at Nasdaq, recently shared his excitement about how GitLab Duo will help Nasdaq protect their intellectual property and stay in line with regulatory mandates.

GitLab is the only platform that integrates AI throughout the entire software development lifecycle. As developers become more effective, GitLab helps security and operations team members to keep pace. GitLab has a privacy- and transparency-first approach to AI and does not use customer code to train AI models.

Get started with Code Suggestions today

Code Suggestions, which can be trialed for free from December 21 through February 14 (subject to GitLab’s Testing Agreement), is available as an add-on to GitLab subscriptions for an introductory price of $9 USD per user/month. Contact us today to get started with Code Suggestions.

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