Blog DevSecOps Platform Enhancing GitLab with improved data filtering and visualizations
Published on March 5, 2024
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Enhancing GitLab with improved data filtering and visualizations

Discover how GitLab's new data views will streamline your workflow and power decision-making.


In the hectic world of product management, quick access, refinement, and visualization of data are essential to drive efficiency and productivity forward. Our recent exploration into the needs of product managers uncovered a vital link between their success and their ability to make data-driven decisions. Conversely, the drain on time and development resources emerged as a significant deterrent to high performance.

Recognizing the critical role of data in strategic decision-making and prioritization, we're excited to announce an upcoming initiative, Improved Data Filtering and Visualization. This initiative focuses on the usability, flexibility, and efficiency of GitLab's planning views, simplifying how users interact with, recall, and share project data.

Streamlining data interaction and retrieval

We're focusing on consolidating multiple views into a unified platform, eliminating confusing navigation, and enabling users to create complex queries in a user-friendly manner. This approach not only makes data more accessible but also empowers users to visualize it in formats that best suit their needs. By providing a single hub for data access and presentation, we're making it easier for users to obtain critical information they need to make more informed, data-driven decisions quickly, leading to streamlined workflows and elevated project outcomes.

The evolution from multiple views to a single, configurable experience

Here is what it looks like when you evolve from multiple views to a single, configurable experience:

Image of moving from multiple views to a single view

Transforming workflows with real-world applications

Imagine a scenario where you must review the progress of multiple interconnected projects. Traditionally, this would involve navigating through various parts of GitLab, each with its own set of filters and views. With our Improved Data Filtering and Visualization initiative, you will now access a consolidated view that allows for creating intuitive queries. This new view can display issues and epics in a nested format, providing the hierarchical context you need to understand your project structure fully. What's more, you will have the ability to easily switch to a roadmap or board view as your use case demands.

Another example involves a development team planning their upcoming sprint. Instead of juggling between different pages for issues, epics, and boards, the team can utilize a single, customized view that allows them to view the context of related work items, update the status of work without opening multiple tabs, and understand work item dependencies. This saves precious synchronous time for the team and creates an efficient workflow by bringing visibility teams need to the forefront.

Engage with us!

As we venture into this transformative initiative, your insights and feedback will become the backbone of our progress. We're not merely enhancing features; we're on a mission to revolutionize how product planning can be successful within GitLab. Your insights will help turn this ambitious vision into reality.

Delve into our proposed feature iterations detailed within our initiative and leave your comments on the epic. Your perspective on these enhancements is invaluable, helping us refine our approach and ensure it aligns with your needs and expectations.

This is more than a call to action — it's an invitation to shape the future of GitLab together. Share your feedback, suggestions, and visions with us!

Leverage Agile planning with GitLab

Building on our commitment to streamlining workflows with the Improved Data Filtering and Visualization initiative, it's worth highlighting that GitLab also deeply integrates Agile delivery principles to enhance software development lifecycles. Discover how GitLab bridges strategy with execution, enabling teams to adopt Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban, and scale with frameworks such as SAFe and LeSS.

Explore more about enhancing Agile Delivery with GitLab and drive faster value creation.

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