Product Marketing Manager


Senior Requirements


Security Specialist

As a Product Marketing Manager, Security Specialist, you will work closely with our marketing, engineering, business development and sales team, and partners to help them understand how GitLab security capabilities solve customer problems as well as educate them about market competitors. You will also be responsible for crafting, testing, creating and rolling out messaging and positioning of GitLab’s security capabilities.


Senior Responsibilities

Enterprise Specialist

Do you have experience uncovering a product's core benefits, marketing to an enterprise buyer, or navigating a sales process? Product marketers are at the intersection of all teams. GitLab is looking for a collaborative and process-driven product marketer to help craft our enterprise story, align to our sales process, and deliver effective go-to-market and sustain campaigns.

The Partner Product Marketing Manager role includes 4 key areas of focus:


Enterprise Marketing:

Senior Responsibilities

Partner and Channel Marketing

As the Partner Product Marketing Manager, you will work with our marketing, business development and sales teams, to develop and execute global go-to-market strategies and programs to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth for GitLab. Reporting to the Director, Product Marketing, you will have a global charter to enable partners and resellers within our growing partner and channel ecosystems. In addition, you’ll be responsible for crafting and implementing co-marketing campaigns targeting developers and IT professionals, to increase awareness and adoption of GitLab. You will work to shape go-to-market messaging and strategy for new offerings with partners and work with partners and resellers to build an effective and scalable ecosystem.


Channel Marketing:

Partner Marketing:


Hiring Process

Candidates for this position can expect the hiring process to follow the order below. Please keep in mind that candidates can be declined from the position at any stage of the process. To learn more about someone who may be conducting the interview, find her/his job title on our team page.

Additional details about our process can be found on our hiring page.


Annual Compensation
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  6. Work on a product you use every day: we drink our own wine.
  7. Work on a product used by lots of people that care about what you do.
  8. As a company we contribute more than we take, most of our work is released as the open source GitLab CE.
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  10. Open internal processes: know what you're getting in to and be assured we're thoughtful and effective.

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