About Us

  1. What is GitLab?
  2. GitLab is a single application with features for the whole software development and operations (DevOps) lifecycle.
  3. GitLab, the open source project, is used by more than 100,000 organizations and has a large community of more than 2000 people who contributed code.
  4. GitLab Inc. is a open-core company that sells subscriptions that offer more feature and support for GitLab.
  5. The company is remote only with 300+ people working from their own location in more than 39 countries.
  6. GitLab Inc. is an active participant in this community, see our stewardship for more information.
  7. Our history starts in 2011 for the open source project, and in 2015 we joined Y Combinator and started growing faster, we have a public strategy.
  8. Our mission is to change all creative work from read-only to read-write so that everyone can contribute.
  9. Our Tanuki (Japanese for raccoon dog) logo symbolizes this with a smart animal that works in a group to achieve a common goal, you can download it on our press page.
  10. Our values are Collaboration, Results, Efficiency, Diversity, Iteration, and Transparency (CREDIT) and these form an important part of our culture.
  11. Most of our internal procedures can be found in publicly viewable 1000+ page handbook and our objects are documented in our OKRs.
  12. We release every month on the 22nd and there is a publicly viewable direction for the product.