GitLab B.V.

GitLab B.V. supports organizations and individuals using GitLab. To do this we offer services around GitLab such as subscriptions, consulting, development and training.

GitLab is a community project with hundreds of contributors. GitLab B.V. is an active participant in this community, trying to serve its needs and lead by example.


Our vision is that every digital product that is created by more than one person should be managed in distributed version control. This allows people to cooperate effectively and to achieve better results, faster.

Mission and logo

We are part of a community that works together to create the best open source collaboration tools. Our racoon dog logo symbolizes this with a smart animal that works in a group to achieve a common goal. We would like to thank Ricardo Rauch for contributing the logo.


We care about giving back to the rest of the GitLab community, that is why we give most code back to the Community Edition. We try to be open, that is why this website is maintained in a public repository. We realize that GitLab is more than this organization, this is shown by having people from outside this company in the core team. We think good code can be written by anyone, we encourage diversity by contributing to RailsGirls NL. We try to correct the mistakes we make, please give us a chance by emailing us.

Team Handbook

If you’re interested, our team handbook is public.


Some people contact us because they would like to donate to GitLab. If you have time to give please help spread the word about GitLab by mentioning us and/or contribute by reviewing issues and merge requests. If you would like to give money please donate to Rails Girls Summer of Code in our name.


GitLab is a community project with people participating from all over the world. GitLab B.V. is a remote company with people on three continents to serve our customers better. Most of our customers are in the United States and we have a fully owned subsidiary GitLab Inc. there. But GitLab B.V. is a Dutch company and we’re proud to be