Write once, deploy anywhere: Containerized applications on modern serverless platforms

Tina Sturgis ·
Jun 13, 2019 · 1 min read

Using containers has become standard practice in app development today. We all get the value of why you want to build with containers. But as a developer, why should you care about serverless? It’s simple, you can eliminate worry about the infrastructure that your app is going to run on and focus on the impact of the app itself. Specifically the business logic of how the app will interact with things like the end users and/or operating systems.

The concepts of serverless quickly move the conversation towards one around a microservices architecture. As we move away from building applications in a monolith, moving towards serverless and eliminating the need to worry about that infrastructure begin to make a lot more sense.

So now, how do we take these concepts that we hear and/or read about that increase velocity, flexibility, and scalability, and put them into action for your own application development?

Find out at our webinar, "Running containerized applications on modern serverless platforms" on Jun. 25, 2019 with GitLab and Google experts. We'll take a deep dive into how new and emerging technologies like Kubernetes, Knative, Cloud Run, and GitLab Serverless can provide great stability and scalability while lowering costs and increasing the pace of innovation.

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“Learn to write apps once and deploy anywhere from @gitlab and @googlecloud experts” – Tina Sturgis

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