Blog News GitLab user profiles have just become more personal
Published on: September 30, 2021
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GitLab user profiles have just become more personal

Find out the more about our latest additions to GitLab user profiles. You control the data that is displayed


The GitLab user profile contains information about you and your GitLab activity. You can select what information to display.

We recently added a few new settings to make you user profile more personal:

User pronouns

You can now set pronouns to your GitLab user profile. The pronoun appears:

  • Next to your user name in your public profile.
  • On the snapshot view of your user profile when someone hovers over your name on an issue or merge request.

Besides being more inclusive, GitLab wants to help you use the correct pronouns when replying to comments to respect people's identity. You can:

  • Decide whether or not to add pronouns to your profile.
  • Self-identify and enter whatever pronouns you want, without having to select from a pre-defined list.

Read more about adding pronouns to your profile.

User pronunciation

You can now add a pronunciation guide to your user profile. In distributed teams where team members are from different countries, it can be difficult to determine how to say someone's name correctly. You can now help people know how to pronounce your name.

Read more about adding a pronunciation guide to your profile.

User local time

Your local time is now displayed on your profile. Previously, you could set your time zone but your local time was not visible throughout GitLab. This improvement helps others know when you are likely to be available.

Read more about adding a local time zone to your profile.

Additional settings for user profiles

In the upcoming milestone, we are planning to add your timezone to the snapshot view of the GitLab user profile.

In GitLab, everyone can contribute. If you would like to see even more additions to user profiles, you can:

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