Changes to public project CI/CD minute quotas

Nov 11, 2021 · 2 min read
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In the upcoming milestones, we will be extending CI/CD minute usage quotas to public projects not part of GitLab open source programs.

In the first half of 2021, and other CI/CD providers faced a large uptick in the abuse of free pipeline minutes to mine for cryptocurrencies. To discourage and reduce abuse, we annouced several changes to help ensure service continued to be reliable for our customers and users. The most recent change was made on 2021-07-17 to "include public projects in pipeline minutes quota for free users."

Why add a usage quota to public projects?

Previously, GitLab provided public projects on with a very high number of shared runner minutes to facilitate community contributions to open source. This means cryptominers are able to use shared runners to process large quantities of pipelines and consume an inordinate amount of minutes. These behaviors negatively impact the performance and the availability of shared runners. By adding a quota to the pipelines, the abusers are no longer able to process and consume minutes because there is a limit in place.

CI/CD minute quotas enable CI/CD minute accumulation, which also gives you transparency into pipeline minute billing. Accumulation of CI/CD minutes in GitLab empowers you to make informed decisions about how to optimize your pipelines and CI/CD usage.

How does this usage quota impact you?

For more information on CI/CD minutes and billing, please refer to the customer FAQ.

What's Next?

To further protect from cryptomining abuse, in the next few months you'll notice some changes to CI/CD minute quotas and the types of projects that accumulate pipeline minutes.

To address your questions and feedback on these changes going forward, we have created a space in the GitLab Community Forum, which is actively monitored by GitLab team members and product managers involved with this change.

“Cryptomining has shaped our pipeline consumption visibility. Here's what you need to know” – Jackie Porter

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