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Published on October 25, 2022
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Why DevOps collaboration continues to be important

Modern DevOps isn't just about tech adoption and new processes. DevOps collaboration is going to play a key role. Here's why.

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It’s tempting to think the concept of DevOps collaboration is something no one needs to talk about anymore. After all, the methodology has been around for nearly 15 years, is in widespread use, and has clearly proven to be successful at getting safer software out the door faster. Haven’t we figured out DevOps collaboration by now?

The answer is no, at least according to our 2022 Global DevSecOps Survey and to industry experts looking at the future of DevOps.

For starters, dev and ops respondents to our survey told us programming languages and soft skills like collaboration are going to be most important for their careers going forward. DevOps collaboration was the second most important skill for sec pros surveyed. These results were far from a one-off: In our 2020 survey, dev, sec, and ops were unanimous that “soft skills,” including DevOps collaboration, were the most critical for future careers. In 2021, sec and ops continued to prioritize DevOps collaboration for the future, while devs opted for AI/ML.

This year, we asked over 5,000 survey takers what would be most important to their careers, but we didn’t ask why it would be so important. A look at some recent thought leadership around DevOps collaboration sheds some light.

According to an article in SDX Central, pundits think collaboration is “critical for DevOps success” today and in the future. An article in Tech Beacon goes further, suggesting DevOps will embrace business metrics as a measure of success going forward, and, as such, will require levels of cross-functional collaboration not seen before.

In other words, as DevOps expands beyond a technology goal (develop software) to a business goal (ensure customer satisfaction or business profitability), more teams will be seated at the table. The more people involved, the more DevOps collaboration will be critical to the future.

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