Bookmark these changes: URL structure updates coming in GitLab 17.0

Aug 30, 2023 · 2 min read
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Over the next few releases GitLab will be making some changes to our URL structure. They mainly affect settings pages, but we're cleaning up a few other URLs as well. The URL structure represents the site map, and it should be both predictable and consistent. Over the years, page titles have begun to deviate from their original designation and these changes aim to rectify that. You can see the full effect of these changes in the tables below.

We will be adding these as 301 redirects over the next few months, with a plan to remove the old routes entirely in our 17.0 release in May 2024. If you have any of these pages bookmarked, or rely on these URLs, they will continue to work up until the removal in 17.0.

Please share your feedback on this change in the feedback issue.

Page URL updates

Here are the page URL updates for projects and user settings.


Sidebar Current Path New Path
Analyze / Contributor statistics /-/graphs/{default branch name} /-/contributor_statistics/{default branch name}
Code / Repository graph /-/network/{default branch name} /-/repository_graph/{default branch name}
Code / Locked files /path_locks /-/locked_files
Monitor / Alerts /-/alert_management /-/alerts
Settings / Webhooks /-/hooks /-/settings/webhooks
Settings / Monitor /-/settings/operations /-/settings/monitor

User settings

Sidebar Current Path New Path
User settings
↳ Profile
/-/profile /-/user_settings/profile
User settings
↳ Account
/-/profile/account /-/user_settings/account
User settings
↳ Applications
/-/profile/applications /-/user_settings/applications
User settings
↳ Chat
/-/profile/chat_names /-/user_settings/chat
User settings
↳ Personal access tokens
/-/profile/personal_access_tokens /-/user_settings/personal_access_tokens
User settings
↳ Emails
/-/profile/emails /-/user_settings/emails
User settings
↳ Password
/-/profile/password/edit /-/user_settings/password/edit
User settings
↳ Notifications
/-/profile/notifications /-/user_settings/notifications
User settings
↳ SSH keys
/-/profile/keys /-/user_settings/ssh_keys
User settings
↳ GPG keys
/-/profile/gpg_keys /-/user_settings/gpg_keys
User settings
↳ Preferences
/-/profile/preferences /-/user_settings/preferences
User settings
↳ Active sessions
/-/profile/active_sessions /-/user_settings/active_sessions
User settings
↳ Authentication log
/-/profile/audit_log /-/user_settings/authentication_log
User settings
↳ Usage quotas
/-/profile/usage_quotas /-/user_settings/usage_quotas

“GitLab's page URLs will be changing! Get ready to change your bookmarks!” – Christen Dybenko

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