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December 6, 2023
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Betstudios CTO on improving CI/CD capabilities with GitLab Premium

Read why Betstudios upgraded to GitLab Premium and how their software development process has changed in this Q&A with their CTO Rafael Campuzano.


Since joining Betstudios (soon to be part of WA. Technology Group) as their CTO earlier this year, Rafael Campuzano has been focused on finding ways to help the software development team save time, automate manual processes, and have a better experience.

The team had been using GitLab’s free tier for source code management and version control for several years, but they wanted to improve their CI/CD capabilities so they made the decision to upgrade to GitLab Premium. We talked with Rafael about what the team has already been able to do, how their software development process has changed, and what they’re planning to do next.

What led you to upgrade from GitLab’s free tier to GitLab Premium?

The main motivation when I joined Betstudios was to have the service hosted outside our office servers and remove the hassle of having to manage it ourselves, so we decided to move to the SaaS model. Once that decision was made, we needed a certain level of reliability but mainly we wanted to improve our CI/CD capabilities, which was the reason for upgrading to the Premium plan.

What made you choose GitLab?

Betstudios was already using GitLab and I had experience from previous companies and knew that GitLab is a quite complete tool for managing code and beyond. Besides, I also liked the openness and the overall culture of the company, based on transparency and innovation.

How has your software development process changed since adopting GitLab Premium?

We’re a small team and haven’t been able to take full advantage of all the power that GitLab Premium brings yet, but we’ve started with some deployment automations and that’s taken away a lot of unnecessary work — and mistakes — from the teams.

What benefits have you seen since you started using GitLab Premium?

We’re just getting started, but we have already saved around five hours per week per Team Lead by automating much of the deployment process, and soon we expect to take that to 10 hours per week of time saved. Now they can dedicate this time to better planning, code reviews, and even coding.

You also moved from GitLab's free tier to GitLab Premium at your last company. How did that experience affect your decision to upgrade to GitLab Premium at Betstudios?

I was responsible for infrastructure at EveryMatrix, which included the support of the GitLab servers on-prem. We needed HA (high availability), so we decided to move to the Premium plan. However, we soon realized we made many development teams happy, because they wanted to use the more advanced features that the Premium plan was coming with. The development teams showed it was a great decision for them, and our relationship with GitLab the company was always great, so when I arrived at Betstudios it was a clear move to make.

What would you like to do next with GitLab’s DevSecOps Platform?

I would like to explore the CI/CD capabilities with Kubernetes, and I’m encouraging our Engineering teams to use all the capabilities like code reviews, advanced merge requests, and CI/CD more and more. I’ve also seen that many companies are using ArgoCD in combination with GitLab and I’m going to explore if there is a way to do everything just using GitLab.

Do you have any advice for teams getting started with GitLab?

It is an all-in-one platform, so you do not need to build complex systems for different tasks around your code production, methodologies, and operations. GitLab is easy to use and has a great team that will help you to get the most out of it.

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