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Sales & Customer Success Quick Start Learning Path

Sales & Customer Success Quick Start Learning Path - Core Curriculum

1.Welcome to GitLab Sales!

2. Sales Roles & Expectations

3. Customer Success Roles & Expectations

4. DevOps Technology Landscape

5. Our Customers

6. Our Portfolio

7. Sales Process

8. Sales Action and Role Plays

9. Our Competition

10. Tools to Get Your Job Done

11. Sales and Customer Success Support

12. GitLab Customer Support Team

13. Technical Deep Dive (SA, TAM, and PSE ONLY)

14. Integrations (SA, TAM, and PSE Only)

15. SAs Only: Set Up Your Demo Environment

16. TAMs Only: Customer Onboarding

17. PSEs Only: Statement of Work

In-Class Assignments

Post-Class Assignments

10. Course Evaluation & Feedback