One application for the entire software pipeline

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Build, test, package, and deploy secure software in a fraction of the time. Again and again.

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Seamless automation from code commit to production

Accelerated releases

Release better quality code, more often, with minimal manual intervention.
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Transparency and visibility

A single-source of truth to track the CI/CD pipeline.
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Standardize and scale

Secure, predictable, and measurable — from one project to hundreds.
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Pipelines built for both simplicity and scale

Try an interactive demo on how to add security scans to your CI pipeline.

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Automate from end to end

Build a modern software development team

GitLab CI/CD helps you realize the vision of software development that is iterative, tested, and always releasing. Measure developer productivity and watch it improve with one unified tool that encourages collaboration, immediate feedback, and bringing ideas to life — not manual, repetitive tasks.

Monitor the entire software lifecycle

With one application and one data store, GitLab gives everyone on the team — including business stakeholders — one tool to see and understand the status of the whole CI/CD pipeline.

Accelerate development and reduce costs

GitLab automates the building, testing, packaging, and deploying of secure code from code commit to production. This means better code, faster releases, fewer bugs, and more time spent on new features.

One application for software delivery

Pipelines built for simplicity and scale

CI/CD pipeline templates come built in, automatically scanning your code to create and run pipelines to build, test, package, and deploy your application. Customize these templates, or build your own pipelines with code. Scale your CI/CD with merge trains, parent-child pipelines, and multiple deployment environments.

    In-context testing

    Every code change and merge request automatically triggers a series of tests, such as unit, performance, load, and other tests. Shift security left and even integrate security testing and compliance checks at code commit. The results are shared in the same merge request, allowing developers to easily identify, isolate, and fix code faults.

      Implement guardrails and ensure safe deployments

      Prevent failed and non-performant deployments by implementing guardrails into the CI/CD pipeline, and automatically roll back if a critical alert is detected. Control what to deploy with feature flags, where to deploy with progressive delivery, and even how to deploy with Canary and blue-green deployments.

        Constant transparency and continuous feedback

        GitLab delivers CI/CD as one application with one data store, which makes it possible to visualize the status of each environment and deployment. Close feedback loops with performance testing and incident management. Track your organization’s speed of delivery from end to end with built-in DORA metrics and value stream dashboards.


          Build flexible pipelines that can be deployed anywhere, including virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, or FaaS from multiple cloud vendors. GitLab supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or your own private cloud.

            Ready for an AI-powered future

            GitLab delivers CI/CD as a single platform, with integrated generative-AI at every stage of the software development lifecycle, including suggested code reviewers, security vulnerability explanations, value stream forecasts, and more.
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              Which tier is right for you?


              • 400 compute minutes per month
              • CI/CD for GitLab-hosted repos
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              • 10,000 compute minutes per month
              • CI/CD for external repos
              • CI/CD Pipelines Dashboards
              • Merge Trains
              • External Templates
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              • 50,000 compute minutes per month
              • Value Stream Dashboards
              • DORA Metrics
              • Auto Rollback in case of failure
              • Much more
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