At GitLab, iteration is one of our core values. We’ve recently iterated on the names of our self-hosted pricing tiers, so Marcia and I got together and wrote this post to catch you up on the current options. We’ll explain each tier, and share how to figure out which features your subscription gives you access to.

GitLab deployment options

To use GitLab, you have two options:

GitLab self-hosted

With GitLab self-hosted, you deploy your own GitLab instance on-premises or in the cloud. From bare metal to Kubernetes, you can install GitLab almost anywhere. GitLab self-hosted has both free and paid options: Core, Starter, Premium, and Ultimate.

You can see a full list of features in each self-hosted tier on the self-hosted feature comparison page. is hosted, managed, and administered by GitLab, Inc., with free and paid options for individuals and teams: Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

To support the open source community and encourage the development of open source projects, GitLab grants access to Gold features for all public projects, regardless of the subscription.

You can see a full list of features in each tier on the feature comparison page.

Repository architecture

We develop GitLab from two repositories, one for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and another for GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE):

GitLab EE grants you access to features by installing a license key. You can also install GitLab EE and run it for free without a license key which will give you access to the same features as CE. This makes it easier to upgrade later on.

Visit the CE vs EE page to see which GitLab installation method to choose.

Subscription model

GitLab Core contains all of the open source features of GitLab. Whether you are running GitLab CE or GitLab EE without a license key, you'll get access to the same Core features. The proprietary features of EE are unlocked by purchasing a license key.

Tiers are additive:

GitLab Core, Starter, Premium, Ultimate


Use cases

GitLab self-hosted use cases use cases

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