Blog News #GitChallenge: Compare GitLab to GitHub and earn swag
Published on April 14, 2020
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#GitChallenge: Compare GitLab to GitHub and earn swag

Send us a review of GitLab and GitHub and get swag.


Are you up for a challenge? Compare GitLab and GitHub! If you send us a link to your review on Twitter by tagging @gitlab and #GitChallenge we’ll send you some swag for giving us a try.

Today, GitHub announced free private repositories with unlimited collaborators. This is great news for developers worldwide. GitHub also announced that they are lowering the price of their paid Team product to the same price as GitLab’s Bronze/Starter offering: $4 per month per user.

At GitLab, we’ve offered free private repositories as part of our Core/Free product from the start. We also recently made 18 additional features open source, which will help teams collaborate more effectively in a single product, and we’ve been steadily gaining market share in the version control space, with users switching from BitBucket and GitHub to GitLab.

What your team loses when you go from GitHub Pro to Free

When you go from GitHub Pro to GitHub Free, you lose some features that are already free and available to all users on GitLab and

  • Protected branches in private repos
  • Draft PRs in private repos
  • GitHub Pages in private repos (using one)
  • Wikis in private repos

What your team gains by using GitLab Bronze/Starter

With GitLab, you get even more features than GitHub Team. When there are multiple users on the same team, use GitLab Bronze/Starter:

  • Code owners in private repos
  • Multiple issue assignees in private repos
  • Multiple PR assignees in private repos
  • Code review automatic assignment in private repos
  • Standard support

GitLab is more complete

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. Here is a visual comparison:


Take the #GitChallenge

It has never been a better time to compare DevOps tools and find the best ones for you.

Compare GitLab (get your free trial here) and GitHub! You can:

  • Record a video and post it on social media
  • Write a blog or Medium post
  • Post your review on one of the many review sites like G2

After you finish your review, send us a link on Twitter by tagging @gitlab and #GitChallenge, and we’ll send you some swag for giving us the feedback!

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