Blog News How to easily launch GitLab through cloud marketplaces
September 30, 2020
3 min read

How to easily launch GitLab through cloud marketplaces

Bitnami makes publishing GitLab into Azure Marketplace simple.


Today almost every enterprise in the world moved at least some of its mission-critical workloads into public cloud environments, making it increasingly important that customers can easily deploy and manage their software in any cloud. All of the major cloud vendors have introduced marketplaces where customers can quickly deploy applications into their cloud computing infrastructure.

Bitnami, now part of VMware, has long partnered with the leading cloud vendors to provide a library of open source software in their marketplaces that is always up-to-date, packaged using best practices, and completely free to end users. Bitnami and GitLab worked together for years on publishing GitLab Community Edition (CE) as part of this library.

The Bitnami and GitLab partnership advantage

GitLab CE provides value to millions of organizations and community contributors, and this has only been enhanced by our partnership with Bitnami. By taking the GitLab CE open source code and packaging it in a way that is always up-to-date and easy to use out-of-the-box on almost any cloud platform, Bitnami has helped make GitLab CE accessible to hundreds of thousands of users.

The GitLab team is working with Bitnami to eliminate the complexity of packaging our enterprise application for multiple cloud marketplaces, in the same way they do for GitLab CE. This partnership enables the various marketplaces to receive timely updates of the GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE) software packages whenever there is a security issue or dependency update.

GitLab Enterprise Edition packaged by Bitnami is available on Microsoft Azure marketplace

Today, we are pleased to announce that our partnership with Bitnami has helped make GitLab EE available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace. GitLab EE customers will be able to seamlessly deploy and use the application in these environments thanks to Bitnami’s expertise in packaging and publishing software for the public cloud.

Existing customers can bring their licenses and apply them to GitLab EE in any of these environments. GitLab EE is also published by Bitnami in the VMware Cloud marketplace.

Software support for marketplace packages

Customers who deploy GitLab EE packaged by Bitnami will enjoy the same enterprise-level support that GitLab customers receive in any other supported environment. Customers who have deployed GitLab software into the cloud infrastructure already through the cloud marketplace must follow the normal GitLab software upgrade process to address any critical issues and vulnerabilities.

About the authors

Vick Kelkar is on Alliances team at GitLab. He has experience developing and running products for container orchestrators like Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

Miranda Carter has been part of the Bitnami team for over six years, and came to VMware as part of the VMware acquisition last year. Miranda is now a Program Manager at VMware and focuses on supporting Tanzu Application Catalog and supporting ISVs whenever possible.

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