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Published on: January 29, 2024
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AI-powered growth: Transform every stage of software delivery

Find out how the latest developments in the GitLab AI-powered DevSecOps Platform boost efficiency throughout the software development lifecycle.


It’s clear artificial intelligence (AI) is top of mind for organizations and their software development teams. With developers and security teams forced to focus so much of their time on repetitive, mundane tasks, of course they’re looking for ways to ease that work and carve out more time in their schedules.

According to the GitLab 2023 State of AI in Software Development report, developers noted spending 25% of their total work time writing code, with the rest spent improving existing code, understanding existing code, testing, maintaining code, and identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities. As organizations incorporate AI into their DevSecOps processes, they'll need to adopt AI solutions — such as vulnerability explanations, code change summaries, automated tests, and more — that will help them introduce efficiencies and boost productivity and collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

We know AI, with the efficiencies it brings across the entire SDLC, has a role to play in saving developers’ time, improving their jobs, and helping speed the production of secure software. Over the past few months, GitLab has released a set of AI-powered features that will help you do just that.

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GitLab Duo Pro: Unleash the power of AI

For Ultimate and Premium customers, GitLab Duo Pro is a new add-on package that brings together Code Suggestions, GitLab Duo Chat (Beta), and organizational control capabilities, ensuring that teams can take advantage of AI exactly where they need it.

Code Suggestions helps automate routine coding tasks, allowing developers to focus on delivering higher-quality software at speed, while Chat helps teams write and understand code faster, get up to speed on the status of projects, and quickly learn GitLab. And the organizational controls included in GitLab Duo Pro give organizations fine-grained control over which users have access to AI, ensuring alignment with team workflows and security requirements. At an introductory price of $9 USD per user per month (valid until January 31), and then $19 USD per user per month after February 1, GitLab Duo Pro is an investment in developer efficiency and organizational governance. Contact us today to get started.

Remove roadblocks and ship faster

Developers struggle with repetitive tasks slowing down their workflow and hindering innovation. Manual code reviews and testing take additional time, inhibiting release cycles. And inconsistent quality standards raise security alarms and can create potential vulnerabilities. This all stifles productivity and reduces developer happiness.

With the recent general availability of Code Suggestions, developers of all skill levels now have a virtual assistant that makes building software faster, more efficient, and more secure. The AI-powered feature now has enhancements like Code Generation, which generates code based on a natural language comment blocks, and Repository X-ray, which improves the accuracy and relevance of code recommendations.

Code Suggestions is your virtual pair programming buddy that can handle repetitive tasks, giving developers more time to focus on creating innovative products. Acting as a coding sidekick, this AI capability can automatically generate lines of code, complete functions, and even extend unfamiliar codebases. Code Suggestions supports 15 languages, including C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Kotlin, and TypeScript. It also integrates seamlessly into many popular IDEs like VS Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains’ suite of IDEs, and Neovim.

Gain the power of an AI assistant

While Code Suggestions takes the spotlight, it's just one capability of GitLab Duo, which is a full suite of 15 AI-assisted features that go beyond code generation, catering to every stage of software development — from code generation and testing to security analysis and documentation. GitLab Duo Chat is the foundational technology that connects users with our broader set of AI-powered GitLab Duo features. With Chat, users have a personal AI assistant that helps them answer questions, understand code, and even generate tests — all within the same IDE where development work happens. Together, these capabilities form a cohesive ecosystem.

These features are critical because they’ll help prevent bottlenecks from forming downstream as developers, who are getting a productivity boost from Code Suggestions, create more code faster. GitLab Duo offers targeted solutions, like Vulnerability Explanation and Merge Request Summary, to improve software quality and keep workflows moving.

Importantly, GitLab prioritizes privacy and transparency in its AI approach. Customer code is not used for training, ensuring organizations have complete data ownership and control.

Live demo! Discover the future of AI-driven software development at our GitLab 17 virtual launch event. Register today!

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