GitLab compared to other DevOps tools

There are a couple of organizations that are building a stack for the SDLC. Below, we've listed the stages of the DevOps toolchain, product categories, and the products from the different vendors.

Stage Product category GitLab GitHub Atlassian self hosted / SaaS Legacy Open Source
Plan Portfolio management GitLab Portfolio management n/a JIRA Portfolio n/a
Plan Issue tracking GitLab Issues GitHub Issues JIRA / Trello Redmine
Create Version control GitLab SCM GitHub BitBucket Server / .org SVN
Create Code review GitLab SCM GitHub Crucible / Gerrit
Verify Continuous integration GitLab CI Travis CI Bamboo / BitBucket CI Jenkins CI
Verify Security testing GitLab SAST Snyk n/a SonarQube
Package Container registry GitLab Container Registry Docker Trusted Registry n/a Jfrog Artifactory
Release CD/Release automation GitLab CD Codefresh Bamboo / BitBucket Deployments Jenkins Pipeline
Configure Configuration management GitLab Secret variables n/a n/a / Environment variables Puppet
Monitor Monitoring GitLab Metrics New Relic n/a InfluxDB
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