Blog Company We're extending free usage of CI/CD for GitHub for another six months!
Published on: September 9, 2019
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We're extending free usage of CI/CD for GitHub for another six months!

Get another six months' use of CI/CD for GitHub on, free of charge.


CI/CD for GitHub allows you to host your code on GitHub while taking advantage of GitLab for CI/CD. In fact, CI/CD for external repos lets you use any Git repo as a host together with GitLab CI/CD.

When we first released the ability to use GitLab CI/CD with other Git repositories we placed it into our Premium tier for GitLab Self-Managed. Normally, features go into a corresponding pricing tier on but we believed this was a specific case where we should offer a feature for free on because of the amount of repos on Not knowing how long we'd keep this pricing, we set a deadline of one year. When that time came, we extended for six months.

Today, we are extending the deadline for using CI/CD for external repos, including CI/CD for GitHub again. Now you'll have until Mar. 22, 2020 to use these capabilities with private repos (see below for open source) as a Free or Bronze user on This feature will continue to be part of the Premium tier for GitLab Self-Managed.

Always free for open source

This extension applies to private repos hosted on As part of our commitment to open source, public projects get all the features of Gold for free. GitLab CI/CD for GitHub works by automatically mirroring your repos to As such, if you have a public project on GitHub, it will also be public on GitLab so you can always take advantage of GitLab CI/CD for public projects.

Why we're extending the offer

For a rationale on our extension see our previous blog post when we first extended external CI/CD. When it came to the current deadline we found that the reasoning still held true and decided to extend again.

As always, we'd love your feedback in the comments below.

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