Blog Company At GitLab Commit, our product roadmap, new partners, and a new milestone
Published on September 17, 2019
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At GitLab Commit, our product roadmap, new partners, and a new milestone

Live from GitLab Commit: what’s next for our product strategy, expanded partnerships, and more.


Our first ever user conference – GitLab Commit in Brooklyn – has only been under way for a few hours and we’ve already made a number of key announcements. Not only did we secure an additional $268 million in Series E funding to power our DevOps journey forward, we’ve also strengthened key partnerships, hit new milestones, and released details about important new features in the product.

GitLab is for everyone

In the next few releases, look for GitLab to add advanced integration with the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes service (EKS), something our CEO Sid Sijbrandij told the audience during his keynote at Commit. Sid also said the number of customers using GitLab with Terraform by HashiCorp is increasing at an exciting rate. This Ops-focused solution leverages GitLab’s CI/CD automated pipelines to better achieve infrastructure as code, a.k.a. GitOps. Lastly, later this year, look out for GitLab to integrate with HashiCorp’s very popular Vault Project that will protect secrets throughout the pipeline.

Moving forward, Sid stressed that we believe everyone has a seat at the table. "We will make our vision of a complete DevSecOps a reality for each and every one of you," says Sid.

And for those who’ve been hoping for auto remediation, it’s coming, says Mark Pundsack, vice president of product strategy, during his keynote. There is work to be done but the vision is clear: Necessary but repetitive security work will be automated in the near future.

That’s not the end, however. Mark outlined a future where operations and security teams have their own customized dashboards on GitLab, giving them access to the same information as developers. “A ton of people are involved with the development and delivery of software,” says Mark. “That is the ultimate GitLab vision: Where every knowledge worker involved with software development and delivery uses a single application so they are on the same page with the rest of their team members.” Ultimately GitLab will expand to the business side, bringing project managers, designers, legal, and executives into the mix. Mark’s final message: “GitLab is for everyone.”

GitLab & VMWare

GitLab and VMWare announced a collaboration making GitLab now available on the VMWare Cloud marketplace. Development teams will be able to deploy and run GitLab Enterprise (Core) on their VMWare environments with just a few clicks. GitLab is packaged and supported by Bitnami which provides curated applications for the VMWare marketplace. GitLab also supports “Continuous Verification” by integrating with VMWare Secure State, Wavefront by VMWare, and CloudHealth.

KDE chooses GitLab

KDE, an international technology community creating free and open source software for desktop and portable computing, chose GitLab for its developers. The KDE team wants to offer additional infrastructure support and thinks GitLab will help boost development momentum.

The KDE community is one of the largest free software communities with more than 2,600 contributors. Now they’ll have access to an even wider range of development and code review features with GitLab’s DevOps platform to complement their tools currently in use. The KDE community will have additional options for accessible infrastructure for contributors, code review integration with Git, streamlined infrastructure and tooling, and an open communication channel with the upstream GitLab community.

Forbes 2019 Cloud 100

We’re pretty excited to mention we’ve been named to the Forbes 2019 Cloud 100, the definitive ranking of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world, published by Forbes in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures. We’re the only cloud-agnostic DevOps platform, and we came in at number 32!

If you like what you’re hearing out of GitLab Commit Brooklyn, then join us at our next GitLab Commit in London on October 9.

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