Upcoming changes to user limits on Free tier of GitLab SaaS

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2022-11-17 UPDATE: User limits will be rolled out gradually, impacted users will be notified in-app at least 60 days prior to the user limits being applied to their namespace. User limits do not apply to top-level namespaces with public visibility. If you're running an Open Source project, please also consider the GitLab for Open Source program which can provide more CI/CD minutes as well as additional storage.

What you need to know:

We continue to look for ways to make DevOps a reality for teams and organizations of all sizes. For users to get started with DevOps, learn GitLab, and develop personal and small projects from idea to production with minimal or no investment, GitLab offers the Free tier. For larger projects with many users or requiring support, GitLab offers Premium and Ultimate paid tiers. For open source projects, startups, and educational usage, GitLab offers a set of community programs tailored to each specific use case.

To increase efficiency, and ensure we can continue to offer the Free tier to small teams, we are limiting the number of users per top-level namespace with private visibility on the Free tier to 5 users. We will monitor how top-level namespaces with public visibility are using private projects to identify whether any limits on such projects are needed. These changes:

Next Steps

Organizations and users impacted by this change should consider upgrading to a supported paid tier or switching to the self-managed deployment option which does not have this limit. GitLab Premium and Ultimate include features that are essential for growing teams and large scale projects, such as priority support, advanced CI/CD, advanced permission management, security, and compliance. These features enable businesses to ship faster without sacrificing quality. Start a free trial to learn more about the benefits of these two tiers.

Free tier users using GitLab for open source projects should consider applying to the GitLab for Open Source program to benefit from GitLab Ultimate.


The new user limit on the Free tier of GitLab SaaS will be effective on new and existing Free tier SaaS top-level namespaces with private visibility starting 2022-10-19. If you need more time to decide, consider starting a free 30 day trial at any time.

More information

Please refer to the FAQ for more information on these changes.

Free tier users can create a thread with their questions/concerns on the space created in the GitLab Community Forum, which is actively monitored by GitLab team members and product managers involved with this change.

“To improve GitLab SaaS efficiency, @gitlab introduces 5 user limit per namespace on GitLab SaaS Free tier” – Sid Sijbrandij

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