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June 30, 2023
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GitLab 16: AI and security take center stage

Our GitLab 16 launch event showcased our AI-powered workflows that drive usability improvements, security enhancements, and observability advancements.


The new era of DevSecOps is here – and its focus is on improving everyone’s experience through AI-powered workflows that drive usability improvements, security enhancements, and observability advancements.

At our recent GitLab 16 launch event, we highlighted how our platform has evolved to fuel productivity and efficiency, which are top of mind in 2023, according to GitLab’s 2023 Global DevSecOps Report: Productivity & Efficiency Within Reach.

If you missed the GitLab 16 event, it’s available on demand, so it’s not too late.

What I find most exciting about the launch of GitLab 16 is that it marks a significant milestone for our customers, as well as for GitLab, and heralds the era of AI-powered DevSecOps. We’ve built upon the nearly 500 new capabilities we introduced with GitLab 15 and have continued that upward trajectory.

The GitLab 16 event showcased amazing new capabilities across our entire DevSecOps platform, which is reinforced by our significant investments in critical areas:

  1. Building a world-class DevSecOps experience that includes significant usability improvements, additional collaboration capabilities, and AI-assisted workflows.
  2. Providing advanced security and compliance, deepening our capabilities, and bringing software supply chain security to the forefront of software development.
  3. Bringing observability, analytics, and feedback into our DevSecOps platform, empowering organizations to close the SDLC loop with user data.
  4. Offering GitLab for data science workloads to enable data scientists and data engineers to benefit from all the value our DevSecOps Platform provides, including collaboration, reproducibility, and streamlined deployment into production.

Introducing GitLab Duo

As part of GitLab 16, we unveiled GitLab Duo, our suite of enterprise-grade AI capabilities powering DevSecOps workflows. GitLab Duo is integrated directly into the DevSecOps platform, enabling you to write better code faster and more efficiently. And GitLab Duo goes well beyond code creation to deliver AI-assisted workflows at all stages of the software development lifecycle, such as security testing and analysis, observability, and proactive vulnerability detection. Our goal is to help you achieve a 10x improvement in workflow efficiency by tapping into all of the DevSecOps platform’s AI capabilities.

GitLab Duo includes Code Suggestions, Explain this Code, Explain this Vulnerability, Summarize Issue Comments, Chat, and more.

Learn about the powerful features of GitLab Duo.

Joining forces with Google Cloud

At the launch June Yang, VP of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud, discussed our partnership with Google Cloud, (as recently announced in May) in which we’re building several joint solutions that will help enterprise customers to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of their software development processes.

Both GitLab and Google Cloud are committed to developing new AI-powered solutions that help businesses improve their software development processes and protect their data.

GitLab's vision for generative AI is grounded in privacy, security, and transparency. The partnership with Google Cloud enables GitLab to offer private and secure AI-powered features, while ensuring customer intellectual property (i.e., their source code) stays theirs and will not be used for training and fine-tuning of AI models.

CARFAX’s DevSecOps results

Mark Portofe, Director of Platform Engineering at CARFAX, also joined us for our GItLab 16 launch. It was enlightening to hear how CARFAX has been using GitLab since 2017 to make them more productive and more secure. Mark shared how CARFAX can now create CI/CD pipelines in hours instead of the days or even weeks it took before – freeing up their developers’ time to focus on getting code to production. As a result, their number of production deployments has increased by 20% year over year.

GitLab Dedicated

As part of our GitLab 16 event, we also shared that GitLab Dedicated, our single-tenant SaaS offering of GitLab’s DevSecOps platform designed to address the needs of customers with stringent compliance requirements, is now generally available.

With GitLab Dedicated, organizations can access all of the benefits of the DevSecOps platform delivered as a SaaS offering – including faster releases, better security, and more productive developers – while satisfying compliance requirements such as data residency, isolation, and private networking.

Value Stream Analytics and Dashboards

When it comes to observability, analytics, and feedback, our single application shines by providing end-to-end metrics and insights. We see this being very much native to our DevSecOps platform.

We’ve made great strides with Value Streams Dashboards, a  popular feature with our customers. These dashboards combine DORA 4 metrics with GitLab-specific metrics to give organizations insights into the health of their software delivery, identifying areas of efficiency and areas for improvement.

We are also introducing Product Analytics in GitLab 16 to close the DevSecOps loop with user metrics and feedback from the applications that organizations are building with GitLab, which they can incorporate into their planning efforts.

Watch the GitLab 16 launch event

I’m really proud of the work our teams put into GitLab 16 to make it a reality. To hear more and dig deeper into the amazing capabilities of GitLab 16, check out the launch event.

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