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Published on: November 22, 2023
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GitLab at AWS re:Invent 2023

GitLab and AWS have streamlined development and security for DevSecOps teams. Learn how in lightning talks, sessions, live demos, and more.


GitLab will be at AWS re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas, November 27 to December 1, to demonstrate how the GitLab DevSecOps Platform on Amazon Web Services delivers secure, enterprise-grade AI throughout the software development lifecycle. Stop by Booth #1152 in the Security Zone for lightning talks, live demos, customer sessions, and more all week.

Make sure to check out our event page and calendar to find sessions, locations, opportunities to meet with GitLab, and more (note, they do not appear in the AWS event app). Some sessions will also be available on-demand after the conference.

Here are some of the lightning talks GitLab will be presenting:

Frictionless developer experience: Using human habits to accelerate DevSecOps maturity and increase joy

GitLab’s long-standing approach to building DevSecOps pipelines aligns with AWS’ new emphasis on frictionless developer experiences. Join this session to learn how the GitLab DevSecOps platform represents a true “shift left” by empowering and streamlining developers’ normal workflow.

Add to calendar - Nov. 30

New integrations and solutions for using GitLab and AWS together

In recent months, AWS and GitLab have built new service integrations for source control, CI, and CD. You'll learn how GitLab integrates with AWS CodeStar Connections, Amazon CodeGuru, OpenID, and more, as well as development and deployment solutions for Framework and Terraform to AWS.

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Secure and assured Terraform development using GitLab security scanning policies and managed DevOps environments

This lightning talk discusses and demonstrates working example code that extends GitLab's existing support for Terraform State management with full lifecycle-managed DevOps environments for merge requests, long-lived pre-production environments, production environments, and one-off experimental environments. Whether you are developing infrastructure as code specifically or embedding it with application code for the sake of easy environment support, this lightning talk has something to offer you.

Add to calendar - Nov. 28

Secure GitLab CD pipelines to AWS with OpenID Federation, OIDC, and JWT

GitLab has three ways to authenticate and authorize your CI and CD workloads into AWS environments. Adding and refining OpenID provides the ability to use an industry standard, which is the most advanced of the three. Join us to learn how to accomplish this highly secure integration option.

Add to calendar - Nov. 29

Security intelligence through full integration of Amazon CodeGuru Security into GitLab

AWS CodeGuru Security has created a full integration that enables you to view scanner results in GitLab merge requests and security dashboards so you can use them to block merges in security policy merge approval rules — just like GitLab’s integrated security scanning results. Attend this lightning talk to learn more.

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GitLab and AWS: The year in review

Throughout 2023, GitLab and AWS announced partner designations and new service integrations that enable development, security, and operations teams to collaborate more easily, to take advantage of AI at all stages, and to flexibly scale infrastructure to create and deploy secure software faster.

AWS recognized GitLab as a partner in several categories

  • AWS DevSecOps Partner Competency Specialty: This specialty denotes that GitLab makes it easy for customers to integrate security across every stage of the development and delivery cycles, providing rapid and contextual feedback to development, security, and ops teams.

  • Amazon Linux 2023 Ready Partner: Amazon Linux 2023-specific RPM packages are available for GitLab, starting at Version 16.3.0 and for GitLab Runner. Official GitLab support for Amazon Linux 2023 also means GitLab builds the RPM packages and hosts them on our packages infrastructure, Graviton (arm64) and amd64 architectures are both supported. To install GitLab on Amazon Linux 2023, follow these instructions.

Learn more about GitLab's AWS partner designations.

AWS CodeStar Connections opens up a host of AWS service integrations

AWS recently completed the integration of SaaS into its AWS CodeStar Connections service. This service is a foundational, shared service used by many other AWS services to connect to Git repositories outside of AWS. As a result, GitLab was immediately available to AWS services once this integration was completed.

GitLab is available at CodeStar Connections throughout many AWS services for connectivity to Git. In addition, using a CodeStar Connection for an AWS CodePipeline opens up other service integrations that primarily rely on CodePipeline as their key integration point.

Here is a visual map of the integrations that are currently available:

CodeStar Connections integrations

AI customization with AWS CodeWhisperer

AWS CodeWhisperer's customization capability leverages CodeSuite Connections, allowing generative code suggestions to take into account the libraries and design patterns of your current application when suggesting new code. It does so with no ingestion of your code into the general LMM creation. AWS CodeWhisperer can be pointed to a GitLab repository.

AWS CodeGuru and GitLab Ultimate secure scanning integration

The AWS CodeGuru team built an integration with GitLab CI as part of their build secure scanning capabilities. Amazon CodeGuru Security findings use GitLab’s vulnerability report formatting, enabling exports to integrate directly into GitLab Ultimate security features such as merge request views, security dashboards, and in-context remediation solutions and training. Importantly, it allows these findings to be addressed by GitLab Security Policy Merge Approval Rules.

GitLab's new single-tenant Saas option sits atop AWS

Earlier this year, GitLab launched GitLab Dedicated, a single-tenancy solution for organizations in highly regulated industries that have complex regulatory, compliance, and data residency requirements. The fully isolated SaaS offering is hosted and managed by GitLab and deployed on AWS in a cloud region of the customer's choosing. Learn more about how GitLab built GitLab Dedicated.

Plan your week at AWS re:Invent

Fill your calendar with GitLab at AWS re:Invent! Check out our calendar of sponsored sessions, lightning talks, live demos, and more throughout the week at Booth #1152.

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