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January 9, 2024
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Top 10 GitLab technical blogs of 2023

2023 was a big year! Catch up on expert insights into DevSecOps, AI, CI/CD, and more.


2023 brought fresh insights from experts across GitLab and beyond — all of them focused on the challenges and opportunities facing DevSecOps teams. From Lockheed Martin to CARFAX, organizations are trying to understand and unlock the power of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), CI/CD, security automation, and more. Our experts provided tips, best practices, and tutorials to use throughout the software development lifecycle.

Here are the top 10 technical blogs from what was an incredible year in DevSecOps innovation.

1. Jenkins to GitLab: The ultimate guide to modernizing your CI/CD environment Looking for a smooth transition from Jenkins to GitLab? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how GitLab's integrated CI/CD capabilities help deliver high-quality software faster.

2. U.S. Navy Black Pearl: Lessons in championing DevSecOps Sigma Defense's director of engineering details what it's like to manage the U.S. Navy's Black Pearl, which uses GitLab as its DevSecOps platform. The DevSecOps champion relays his experience implementing DevSecOps and the benefits of that decision.

3. Quickstart guide for GitLab Remote Development workspaces Enabling developers to work in their preferred environments empowers DevSecOps teams to build and deliver software more efficiently. With these quickstart instructions, developers can create a workspace, use the Web IDE Terminal to install dependencies or start their server, and view their running application.

4. Introducing the GitLab CI/CD Catalog Beta CI/CD catalogs are a game-changer, allowing developers to discover, integrate, and share pre-existing CI/CD components with ease. This tutorial shows how to get the most from this new DevSecOps platform feature.

5. Combine GitLab Flow and GitLab Duo for a workflow powerhouse GitLab Flow and GitLab Duo can help organizations achieve significant improvements in end-to-end workflow efficiency that can lead to higher levels of productivity, deployment frequency, code quality and overall security, and production resiliency and availability. Find out how with this step-by-step guide.

6. Efficient DevSecOps workflows: Hands-on python-gitlab API automation The python-gitlab library is a useful abstraction layer for the GitLab API. Dive into hands-on examples and best practices in this tutorial.

7. Building GitLab with GitLab: Why there is no MLOps without DevSecOps At GitLab, we believe in the power of MLOps, especially when combined with DevSecOps. So follow along as our data scientists adopt DevSecOps practices and enjoy the benefits of automation, repeatable workflows, standardization, and automatic provisioning of infrastructure.

8. Explore the Dragon Realm: Build a C++ adventure game with a little help from AI Readers are invited to create a mystical world while learning how to integrate AI into their coding environment. This tutorial demonstrates how to use GitLab Duo Code Suggestions to create a text-based adventure game, including magical locations to visit and items to procure, using C++.

9. How GitLab's Red Team automates C2 testing The GitLab Red Team conducts security exercises that simulate real-world threats. They apply professional development practices to using the same open source C2 tools as threat actors. In this tutorial, the GitLab Red Team shares how they implement continuous testing for the Mythic framework, their design philosophy, and a public project that can be forked for use by other Red Teams.

10. Building GitLab with GitLab: How inspired Dedicated The design of GitLab Dedicated, our single-tenancy SaaS version of the DevSecOps platform, came from the lessons learned while building In this peek behind the curtains, learn the considerations that sparked different decisions regarding automation, databases, monitoring, availability, and more – and what the outcome was.

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